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  1. Ascension of Conservative Murdoch Son Ensures New Fox Will Be a Lot Like Old FoxLachlan Murdoch, reported to be politically aligned with his father, has been named CEO of the “new Fox.”
  2. Roger Ailes Will Now Report to Three MurdochsOfficially, at least.
  3. local news news
    Watch These Poor Local Fox Anchors React, in Slow Motion, to an Accidental Penis It happens.
  4. it’s never too early to talk about 2016
    RNC Chairman Will Not Boycott Fox or Diane LaneThat’s a relief.
  5. it’s never too early to talk about 2016
    NBC’s Hillary Clinton Miniseries May Become a Fox Production Now that’s bipartisanship.
  6. adventures in broadcasting
    Fox, Univision Threaten to Switch to Paid Model After Aereo’s Court WinThey’re talking about an end to free broadcasts, but not very enthusiastically.
  7. cabletown
    Fox Sports 1 to Debut With the Star Power of Regis PhilbinHe’s the only on-air talent mentioned in a preview.
  8. trayvon martin
    Neighborhood Watch Is Totally About Aliens, Not Trayvon MartinPoor Fox.
  9. media
    Rupert Murdoch Might Make an ESPN of His OwnNews Corp. could launch a national sports network by the end of the year.
  10. media
    Greg Kelly Returning to Fox on FridayThe Good Day New York host has not been on the air for two weeks because of rape allegations against him.
  11. jews
    Fox Apologizes for Poll Asking Whether Jews Killed Jesus ChristFox has not released the results of the multiple choice poll.
  12. early and often
    The Fox News Candidate Is … Fox NewsLike any good candidate, the network plans to tack toward the center for the general election.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    More Bad News for News Corp.And not just phone hacking-related.
  14. united states of 9 11
    Which Is More American: 9/11 or the NFL?Are viewers really “infuriated” that 9/11 coverage was cut for football?
  15. entrepreneurial dreams
    Fox Rejects ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ T-Shirt Company’s $2 Million Super Bowl AdBut the site got its press anyway.
  16. the greatest women we know
    Joan Rivers Tells Us How Talking About Sarah Palin Got Her Kicked Off Fox“I’m Jewish, I don’t want to get into starhairs.”
  17. the beckoning
    WOR Drops Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck Drops His ObamaphoneCall him all you want, but there’s no one home.
  18. olbermann-gate
    Rachel Maddow: Olbermann Suspension Proves MSNBC Is No Fox NewsCountdown to a new statement from MSNBC begins.
  19. flirts
    Fox and Cablevision Reach Bitter AgreementOh these two just need to do it already.
  20. beef
    And on the Twelfth Day, Cablevision Said: Let Them Get MLB ReimbursementsYou know things are bad if a cable company is pushing customers to watch TV online.
  21. beef
    The Best of the Fox/Cablevision VitriolIf you’re missing the NLCS, comfort yourself in the fun of it.
  22. broadcast wars
    Cablevision and Fox: Still FeudingWhile 3 million local subscribers miss baseball games.
  23. media
    Fox, Cablevision Both Want You to Panic About Losing Your Sports, Bones RerunsForget the NLCS. What about those two re-broadcasts of ‘Seinfeld’ every night??
  24. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Gets Six-Week Daily Show TryoutNote: not ‘Daily Show’ tryout.
  25. 40 under 40 who are going to hell
    Christopher Balfe’s Mom Cried When He Told Her He Was Going to Help Make Glenn Beck FamousNot for the right reason, though.
  26. media moguls
    Cower in Fear Before Your Master: Fox News Chief Roger AilesIn case you needed a reminder: dude is powerful.
  27. in other news
    The Snubbing That Fox Has ComingThe network is simply getting the snubbing it deserves.
  28. in other news
    Did Fox Give Glenn Beck a Time-out?Maybe! But then again, maybe not.
  29. what other people think
    Obama’s Enchanting Prime-time PresserThe questions and answers people are buzzing about today.
  30. modern lynch mobs
    Fox’s ‘Shame Shame Shame’ of Richard Fuld Is Pretty ShamefulFor everyone but Fuld, weirdly.
  31. intel
    Here’s the Pitch: Joe Torre, TV StarHollywood is calling for the former Yankees skipper.
  32. early and often
    Black TV President Says He Paved Way for Black Real PresidentDennis Haysbert, who played President Palmer on ‘24,’ says that Barack owes part of his acceptance to the role.
  33. in other news
    Fox News Says They Made an ‘Error’ by Showing Pics of Dead ModelBut what kind of error, exactly?
  34. in other news
    Keith Olbermann: I’m Not Crazy, But Murdoch Fired Me AnywayAfter the News Corp. baron called Olberman a nut job yesterday, Olbermann reveals his long-held suspicions as to why he was fired from the company in 2001.
  35. company town
    Fox News Sicced Bill O’Reilly on NBC’s Punk AssThin-skinned media bigwigs trade insults, Microsoft and Yahoo continue to make eyes at each other across the boardroom table, and a mysterious, rich felon moves into the Plaza … all in today’s roundup of media, finance, law and real-estate news.
  36. company town
    Katie Couric Goes There With Larry KingThe CBS anchor unleashes her inner adolescent boy, JPMorgan wins again, and a big-time lawyer heads to the pokey in our daily roundup of news from the fields of media, finance, and law.
  37. 21 questions
    Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy Like Chewable VitaminsNames: Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick. Jobs: Co-hosts of Fox’s lively news-and-entertainment program The Morning Show With Mike & Juliet. Ages: Huddy is 38, and Jerrick is 57. Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? Juliet: My mom is my favorite living New Yorker. She grew up in Closter, New Jersey, but moved to New York City immediately after graduation to study acting. She moved to Miami after meeting my dad in the late sixties. Things came full circle, and now she’s back in the area. She always had such cool stories of her city days, acting at Neighborhood Playhouse and American Academy of Dramatic Arts and singing at places like the Living Room. I always thought New York had a magical appeal to it, and it’s totally because of her. Mike: Jimmy Breslin.
  38. gossipmonger
    Amy Fisher: Bullet in the Head, Silicone in the Boobs — Same DiffAmy Fisher is unbothered that the bullet she fired into the head of Mary Joe Buttafuoco is still lodged in her brain. “I feel no sympathy for Mary Jo,” she said. “I still have silicone in my boobs, and you don’t hear me complaining. She can’t feel her bullet, and I can’t feel my silicone.” Gwyneth Paltrow said that she and hubby Chris Martin are open to adopting a baby but that they’d likely get it from Brooklyn instead of Africa. Don’t you know? It’s CNN that is biased! They’re the ones who have a problem with letting Fox News anchors appear on their shows, despite the fact that Fox News lets CNN anchors appear on its programs, the Rupert Murdoch–owned Post tells us. They’re probably just scared. Pussies.
  39. company town
    Finance Types Split Over Hillary and RomneyFINANCE • Wall Street hopes Hillary has a super Super Tuesday, but private equity is standing by one of its own. Fourth-quarter campaign-financing reports show Senator Clinton taking in the lion’s share of donations from the Street’s top ten financial firms. Meanwhile, Bain Capital co-founder Mitt Romney is still tops among the PE crowd. [NYT/Dealbook] • So, what’s it gonna be, boy? Stuck between Microsoft’s rock and Google’s hard place, Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang has limited options for saving his company at his disposal. [NYP] • If you believe the latest hype, Citadel is paving the way for an IPO after all. Ken Griffin’s asset-management firm has split its proprietary hedge-fund business from its client-based options-making business. “Legally, it makes it cleaner,” said Josh Galper in an interview. [Bloomberg]
  40. 21 questions
    Shep Smith Doesn’t Have Anybody Hanging in His Living RoomName: Shepard SmithJob: Host of The Fox Report and Studio B on Fox News. Smith will also anchor a jumbo, two-hour Superbowl/Super Tuesday special, “Fox Super Sunday,” on February 3 starting at 10 a.m. on Fox.Age: 44Neighborhood: Greenwich Village. Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? Derek Jeter What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York? “Mama’s” pasta at Gradisca. She comes over from Italy every few months and makes it at a table by the front door.
  41. intel
    Tom Arnold Doesn’t Have Sex for Money, His Producers Do It for HimTom Arnold can play the game — so well that it’s kind of scary. When we caught up with the former Best Damn Sports Show Period host in Sundance at the Greenhouse, he showed us a Machiavellian side we never knew he possessed. See, back in 2003, news reports wrongfully linked Arnold to a sexual-harassment suit filed by a hairstylist against his colleagues on Fox’s Best Damn Sports Show Period. According to the actor, he asked the network to pay his legal bills, and the female head of human resources told him no. This is where his tale of devious retribution begins. Arnold and his co-workers had a party a few days later and invited the fortysomething HR director. When she arrived, Arnold “sent her a couple drinks,” and then enlisted the help of a young producer on his show, nicknamed “Firepubes.” (“He has red hair,” explained Arnold. “He’s 24.”) “I say, ‘Come here, you gotta do something for me. Keep giving her drinks, and I want you to dance with her,’” the True Lies star explained. “So he goes in, and he’s dancing.” As the night progressed, Arnold told young Firepubes that he was worried for the HR director’s safety. “I need you to drive her home,” he commanded. “And I need you to have sex with her.”
  42. company town
    Oprah Will Eat Ellen DeGeneres for BreakfastMEDIA • CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan proposes a toast at the anniversary of his show Fast Money: “Here’s to destroying … well, ‘destroying Fox’ is what I was going to say, to be totally honest about it. And I was going to say something even more profane than that except there’s press in the room.” [Mixed Media/Portfolio] • Oprah Winfrey won’t stand for Ellen taking her place as America’s favorite TV personality. The Queen of Talk announced plans to start her own network. And what’s it called? OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. Which is only appropriate for a woman worth upwards of $2.5 billion. [HuffPo, NYP] • Will the Academy Awards suffer the same fate as the Golden Globes? WGA president Patric Verrone confirmed the guild has no plans to give the Oscars a pass if the strike hasn’t been settled, and it’s still unclear whether the Screen Actors Guild will cross picket lines to attend the awards. [B&C]
  43. it just happened
    Explosion and Evacuations at Fox NewsThere was an explosion earlier today in the News Corp. building on Sixth Avenue. MyFoxNY reports that it was a chemical explosion (wha?) and that one man was burned. Over 700 people have been evacuated from the building. Gawker reports that there is smoke coming from the top of the building and that they are not letting anybody in. Also, “all the news photographers who can’t get into their offices are taking photos of the people standing outside!” That’s so meta. It’s like citizen journalism 2.0!
  44. company town
    Did ‘The New Yorker’ Rip One of Its Cartoons Off ‘The Far Side’?MEDIA • OMG, plagiarism in The New Yorker’s cartoon issue? [Gelf] • Washington Post chief Don Graham has 300 Facebook friends. Poke away! [Washingtonian] • Fox 9’s license is up for renewal, and a bunch of incensed New Jerseyans are fighting the station for failing to live up to its Jersey-side obligations. After all, the channel is based out of Secaucus but bills itself as “My9 New York.” [NYT]
  45. company town
    Al Gore: Cashing In on His Big YearFINANCE • Al Gore, venture capitalist? The Nobel laureate and Apple board member is taking a hands-on role at Kleiner Perkins, the leading Silicon Valley venture firm. His goal: Save the world. And annoy GE’s Jeff Immelt as much as possible. [Fortune] • Harvard picked Robert S. Kaplan, a former Goldman Sachs vice-chairman, as the new steward for the $35 billion endowment. Something tells us his kids won’t have any trouble getting in. [Reuters via NYT] • A few management consultants with nothing better to do gave the Times its newest buzzword: CEO version 3.0. With the departures of Stan O’Neal, Chuck Prince, and Richard Parsons, it’s now time for leaders “who can assemble a team that functions as smoothly as a jazz sextet.” Because, as James Cayne showed, the old CEOs were way too bebop. [NYT]
  46. company town
    Will Dick Parsons Pull a Bloomberg?MEDIA • Rumor has it that Richard Parson’s will announce his departure at Time Warner as early as this week. Jeff Bewkes, longtime No. 2, is set to take over as CEO. Does this mean a Parsons run for mayor? [Times of London] • Radar cooked up a clever quiz: Fox News anchor or porn star? You decide. Wait, no, Murdoch decides. [Radar] • Jim Cramer matched Rupert Murdoch’s legendary subtlety: “We have a competitor now in Fox and it is really important to destroy and mutilate them.” [Broadcasting & Cable]
  47. gossipmonger
    ‘In Touch’ Buys Angelina’s PregnancyBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie laughed at a Best Western sign on 49th and Lex. Jennifer Aniston bought a condo in the financial-district building that used to house the Chase Manhattan Bank office. Secret Service agents protecting Jenna Bush while she taped an appearance on The Early Show mistakenly locked themselves out of their car. Russian billionaire heiress Anna Anisimova debuted her new breasts at Russell Simmons’s surprise birthday party. In Touch wanted to run the story, “Is Angelina Jolie Pregnant,” so they bought up a bunch of pictures of her with a flat stomach so no one else could use them. Production on Sex and the City the movie had to be stopped a few times because Evan Handler, a.k.a. Charlotte’s bald husband, had the chronic hiccups.
  48. in other news
    Jay Leno Thinking of Jumping Ship to Fox?Over the summer, Variety reported on the ways in which NBC was going to try to keep Jay Leno after his contract ran out in 2009, which sparked talk that he might actually stay at the Tonight Show for longer. NBC would do anything to keep him away from a rival channel, including alienating his anointed successor, Conan O’Brien. But today Cindy Adams hints that NBC’s worst nightmares may come true. “Jay Leno is not about to retire. Going quietly into the night to sit home and watch his missus Mavis fold bananas into the Jell-O, he ain’t,” she writes. “He is definitely — definitely — moving to another network. Friends think he’s making a big money deal. But, he says, he’s not one to follow the money. He’s one to follow the access. The best TV airtime. The best spot. The morning line, 2-to-1, is Fox.” If you sift through the verbal effluvium (bananas? Missus? Ain’t?), you’ll see Adams is trying to tell us that Leno’s going to join the dark forces of Rupert. Which would be a step down in stature for him but might be a step up in eye candy. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. He can finally join his long-lost twin, the American Dad! Leno Eyes Other TV Opportunities [NYP]
  49. gossipmonger
    Closing the BoxSome Lower East Siders are trying to get the Box closed because it’s more a nightclub and less the “cultural institution” its owners promised it would be. (And also, we presume, because it’s utterly insufferable.) At the age of 50, Kelly Klein, ex of Calvin, is finally having a baby. Hillary Clinton raised $500,000 at a fund-raiser at Ted Danson’s house on Martha’s Vineyard. The beach is eroding in front of Tina Brown and Harry Evans’s place in Quogue. John McEnroe is in talks with Larry Ellison to establish a tennis training center in Flushing Meadows. Andy Roddick had stage fright when asked to say a few words at a party in his honor at Tenjune. A bunch of guests got lost en route to Donna Karan’s house in East Hampton. Tom Petty played two gigs in the Hamptons for $1.7 million. (Paul McCartney and Renée Zellweger were there.) Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning looked for the entrance to La Esquina.
  50. intel
    Jack Bauer Does Not Heart HuckabeeReading today’s coverage of the Republican straw poll at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, we were struck by the utter ridiculousness of the system: Voters have to pay to vote, campaigns often pick up the tab for their supporters, Mitt Romney spent the most money, and the winner was — would you believe? — Mitt Romney. We were also struck by Mike Huckabee, the formerly fat former Arkansas governor who somehow impressed the political commentariat by coming in a distant second to Romney, with a whopping 2,587 votes. Thing is, we realized, Mike Huckabee can never become president. He’s clearly 24’s traitorous, murderous (and perhaps murdered) President Charles Logan. And that dude’s First Lady is crazy. For a Joke-Telling Candidate, a Second-Place Finish [NYT]
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