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  1. fracking
    Will a Fracking Ban Doom Democrats in Pennsylvania?The political risks of running on the policy may outweigh the substantive benefits, given the dearth of Congressional support for a universal ban.
  2. vision 2020
    Hickenlooper Counts On Unconventional Path to the PresidencyIt may be the wrong year for this fan of fracking and bipartisanship.
  3. Natural Gas Is Hurting the Climate More Than We ThoughtScott Pruitt tried to suppress research on methane emissions at gas plants. A new study reveals that he had good reason to fear the truth.
  4. EPA Removes Frackers’ Favorite Sentence From Report on Water ContaminationThe agency is no longer comfortable asserting that “hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts” on drinking water.
  5. The World’s Largest Energy Trader Predicts 10 More Years of Cheap OilWe’re looking at six more weeks of winter and ten more years of cheap gas.
  6. not ok!
    Oklahoma Now No. 1 in EarthquakesThanks, fracking!
  7. feuds
    Jeb Bush Is Not a Scientist, and He Knows Matt Damon Isn’t One EitherSo he should stop getting people riled up about fracking.
  8. Cuomo’s Fracking Ban Is (Political) Arts and ScienceA surprising win for the governor’s liberal critics.
  9. fracklash
    New York State Court Rules That Towns Can Ban FrackingThe fracklash is now official.
  10. fracking
    Gulf Oil Emirs Are Bankrolling Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking FilmLooks like yes.
  11. fracking
    No Mention of the NYC Watershed in Mayor Bloomberg’s Pro-Fracking Op-Ed“We can frack safely if we frack sensibly. That may not make for a great bumper sticker.”
  12. frack!
    Report: Prepare for Some Serious Fracking, New YorkIt’s inevitable.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    Times Newsroom Mounts Defense of Fracking Coverage: MemoAn internal memo to the public editor rebuts charges that the paper is anti-gas.
  14. frack!
    New York Is Headed for a Big Fracking SituationThe state will now allow hydraulic fracturing, a controversial method for natural-gas extraction.
  15. rush holt
    Rush Holt, the Jeopardy! Computer-Defeating Ph.D. Physicist Congressman, on Japan’s Nuclear CrisisWhat the Fukushima meltdown means for America’s energy future.
  16. the more you know
    Hydraulic Fracturing Makes Drinking Water Nice and FlammableThe controversial practice of fracking gets more controversial.