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  1. on with kara swisher
    Oliver Stone on the Need for a Nuclear-Powered WorldKara Swisher talks with the filmmaker about his new documentary, radioactive myths, Big Oil, and dystopia fatigue.
  2. extreme heat
    Fires Break Out Around London As Heat Wave Sets U.K. Temperature RecordEurope’s historic heat wave is breaking more temperature records while firefighters struggle to contain wildfires in France, Spain, and Portugal.
  3. politics
    Why France Is So Vulnerable to ExtremismThat Marine Le Pen even has a shot to win the presidency speaks to the country’s political transformation
  4. crime
    Epstein Associate Jean-Luc Brunel Found Dead in Paris PrisonThe modeling agent, who was facing multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault, was found hanged in his cell.
  5. politics
    Someone Put France’s Trump-y Presidential Candidate in a HeadlockÉric Zemmour’s first rally was marked by tension and violence, an atmosphere that matches his rhetoric.
  6. foreign interests
    Why France Is So Angry at the U.S. Right NowA huge shift in Washington’s strategic approach to China was bound to piss some people off.
  7. france
    French President Emmanuel Macron Gets Slapped in the FaceA nation known for living out its politics on the street continues to do so.
  8. covid-19
    Second Coronavirus Wave Propels European Countries Into Lockdown 2.0France, Germany announce lockdowns that will last at least a month. “We no longer have control of the spread of the virus,” Chancellor Merkel warned.
  9. the french
    French Court Holds Company Liable for Worker’s Death During Business-Trip SexA French man died after committing adultery on a business trip. Now his employer must compensate his family for his “industrial accident.”
  10. notre-dame
    Notre-Dame Cathedral Will Survive Fire With Major LossesThe medieval Catholic cathedral will reportedly survive the fire, but with catastrophic losses to the building’s interior and exterior.
  11. world view
    Macron Wanted to Lead the World. Now He’s Struggling to Lead France.Despite positioning himself as a foil to Trump and a leader on climate change, Macron will be lucky if he can quell France’s yellow vest protests.
  12. life in pixels
    Did Facebook Cause Riots in France?If you’re blaming the gilets jaunes on Facebook, you might be missing the forest for the trees.
  13. france
    What Will Follow Emmanuel Macron?France’s yellow vests are right to be angry, and the French left must be ready to answer them.
  14. global politics
    France’s Yellow Vest Protests Are a Backlash Against More Than Macron’s Fuel TaxThe tax may have been the spark, but the deeper cause is a feeling that Macron’s centrist policies aren’t doing enough to address inequality.
  15. diplomacy
    Don’t Get Donald Trump Started About France“They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along,” Trump said, on the anniversary of the 2015 Paris attacks.
  16. international affairs
    The Threat Posed by Europe’s Far-Right Surge Is Much Bigger Than One ElectionGains by a right-wing party in Sweden weren’t as big as many feared, but a small win over extremism shouldn’t obscure the broader danger.
  17. Trump Unites U.S. Allies — in Opposition to His Trade PoliciesSix of the G7 countries are furious at Trump and his tactics.
  18. The French Are Fuming at Macron for Buddying Up to Trump“France should bang its fist on the table rather than go courting Donald Trump,” one French lawmaker complained.
  19. international affairs
    Man Kills 1, Injures 4 in Paris Stabbing AttackThe ISIS-linked terrorist, who struck a popular neighborhood near the Paris Opera on Saturday night, was shot and killed by police.
  20. Macron Takes Not-So-Subtle Shots at Trump in Speech to CongressOn climate, trade, and multilateralism, the French president made it clear he disagrees with Trump.
  21. Gunman, 3 Others Killed in French ‘Terrorist Attack’After shouting his allegiance to ISIS, the attacker began shooting.
  22. France to Ban Oil and Gas Drilling by 2040Emmanuel Macron wants to “Make Our Planet Great Again.”
  23. Jitters Rise in Europe As Merkel Can’t Form GovernmentIf Angela Merkel can no longer govern Germany, how can Germany govern the EU?
  24. Two Stabbed and Killed in Marseille in ‘Likely Terrorist Act’Police shot and killed the attacker.
  25. Trump Defends Don Jr. and Says ‘We’ll See’ on Paris Accords at Macron PresserAt a press conference in Paris, he couldn’t escape the big controversy here at home.
  26. Trump Says Globalism Is a Threat to ‘the West.’ Macron Says Trump Is.Ahead of Trump’s visit to Paris, the French president says that the Western world has been “cracking up since the American election.”
  27. Macron’s Party Wins Clear Majority in French ParliamentEn Marche defeated the two establishment parties, though turnout was at a record low.
  28. international affairs
    Centrist Macron Defeats Far-Right Le Pen in French Presidential ElectionThe European political Establishment exhales.
  29. french presidential race
    On Eve of French Presidential Election, Macron Campaign Claims It Was HackedSome security experts believe the attack came from the same Russia-linked hackers who sought to disrupt the U.S. election.
  30. select all
    The French Don’t Get the Alt-Right’s MemesEven the country that loves Jerry Lewis doesn’t get the alt-right.
  31. roundup
    What Pundits Are Saying About the French ElectionEmmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are headed into a historic race.
  32. france
    Macron and Le Pen Advance to Runoff for French PresidencyThe centrist Macron and far-right Le Pen will go head-to-head on May 7.
  33. international affairs
    Man Shot and Killed at Paris Airport Was Under Influence of Drugs and AlcoholHe told soldiers he wanted to “die for Allah,” but investigators aren’t sure that terrorism was his motivation.
  34. Zut Alors: Bannon’s Taste for Franco-FascistsFor all the efforts being made to normalize Stephen Bannon, evidence keeps coming out of rather alien influences on the president’s chief strategist.
  35. international intrigue
    Will the French Presidential Race Be a Replay of the U.S. Election?Marine Le Pen is in the lead, but the French system makes it harder for a Trump-like figure to take the presidency.
  36. Machete Attacker Shot Outside Louvre, Prompting Trump TweetCalled a “terrorist” incident, the attack resulted in a lockdown at the museum, but no deaths.
  37. It’s Not Just Us — French Politics Has Been Chaotic, TooA far-left candidate won the Socialist nomination and the front-runner was embroiled in a corruption scandal.
  38. Marine Le Pen Got Coffee in Trump Tower TodayThe far-right French presidential candidate didn’t meet with Trump, but she did share a cup of joe with one of his close associates.
  39. François Hollande Will Not Seek Another Term As PresidentThe very unpopular current president acknowledged the “risks” of his running in the face of a conservative and right-wing surge.
  40. early and often
    Social Conservative Fillon Wins French Republicans’ Presidential NominationAnd Europe moves more rightward.
  41. select all
    Angry Man Smashes Up Apple Store With Tiny French Bowling BallHe broke over $1,000 in iPhones and MacBooks.
  42. 3 Women Arrested for ‘Imminent’ ISIS-Inspired Attack on Paris StationAll were linked to a car full of gas canisters found near Notre Dame cathedral this weekend.
  43. France Says ISIS Is Behind the Catholic Church Attack That Left One Priest DeadAttackers stormed the church during Mass and took hostages before being killed by police. 
  44. awful things
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for Killing French Police CaptainThe officer was stabbed outside his home, but his 3-year-old son survived.
  45. select all
    France to Parents: No More Kid Pics on Facebook!“You can all be proud moms and dads to your magnificent children, but be careful,” someone, presumably a police officer, wrote.
  46. lame excuses
    Jean-Marie Le Pen Suing Over ‘Damaging’ SelfieHe’s claiming $54,000 in damages.
  47. Belgian Police Detain 9th Person in Connection With Paris AttacksBut one of the men suspected of direct participation in the mass murder remains on the lam.
  48. puppies!!!!!!
    Break From Awfulness: Russia Gives France PuppyToday’s international news was surprisingly adorable.
  49. Rand Paul Only Wants the Rich RefugeesOn Wednesday, the Kentucky senator called for ending welfare assistance to refugees and applying more screening to French visitors.
  50. France Launches New Airstrikes Against ISIS in SyriaThe scale of the strikes marks a major escalation of France’s military intervention.
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