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  1. terrorble
    France Arrests Dozens of People for Hate Speech and ‘Glorifying’ TerrorismIncluding a comedian. 
  2. je suis charlie
    Charlie Hebdo Is Selling Out in FranceJe Suis Sold Out.
  3. terrorism
    France Searches for Terrorists’ Accomplices, Braces for More AttacksUp to six could still be at large, and one has already escaped to ISIS territory.
  4. international intrigue
    French Jews Pretty Sure They’re Still FrenchBy singing “La Marseillaise.”
  5. je suis charlie
    Terrible People Attack Mosques After Paris ShootingBecause that’s the answer to terrorism.
  6. French Dude Quit Jihad Because He Wanted a SmokeSeriously. 
  7. islamic state watch
    France Is Bombing ISIS Now, TooBut only in Iraq.
  8. international intrigue
    Rebel Group Frees French Journalists Kidnapped in Syria The group appears to be “in good health.”
  9. mysteries
    France Also Spotted Possible Flight 370 Debris Close to where Australia and China detected similar objects.
  10. scandals
    French President Announces Breakup With First GirlfriendA couple weeks after he was caught having an affair.
  11. You Can’t Check 2,866 Pounds of Cocaine on Air FranceOr any airline, really.
  12. protests
    A Flare-Waving Protester Drew Attention to Himself at the French OpenAnd Nadal won.
  13. homophobes
    Anti–Gay Marriage March Draws a Huge Crowd in FranceAround 150,000 people attended.
  14. international affairs
    All of the Insanely Fancy Gifts France Gave Obama Over the Course of One YearWow.
  15. september 11
    9/11 Truther Can’t Even Get Message to Stick on French MasterpieceSorry, France.
  16. DSK’s Latest Defense: Being Horny Isn’t a CrimeHe says prosecutors are trying to “criminalize lust.”
  17. presidential firsts
    Bill Clinton Could Be President Again, Just Not in AmericaBienvenue, Monsieur le Président!
  18. the robot apocalypse
    Do Not Anger the Cyborg, People!This is a huge mistake. 
  19. international intrigue
    Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni Had Their Home Raided by PoliceThey’re away on vacation.
  20. solved mysteries
    Shady-Seeming Death of French Academic Was Due to Natural CausesSciences Po director Richard Descoings died of a heart attack.
  21. elections
    François Hollande Wins French Presidential ElectionHe defeat Nicolas Sarkozy in a runoff vote.
  22. investigations
    Death of French Academic Still a MysteryThe prominent university director was found dead in a Manhattan hotel room on Tuesday.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Self-Proclaimed Al Qaeda Fighter Suspected in French Killings Still Not ArrestedAfter French TV prematurely reported his arrest, and after what has now been a twelve-hour standoff.
  24. sad things
    Four Killed in Shooting at Jewish School in FranceA gunman on a motorcycle opened fire on children and their parents Monday morning.
  25. international intrigue
    France Loses AAA Credit Rating As S&P Eyes Eurozone Suspiciously [Updated]The European debt crisis just got more complicated.
  26. kaaaahhhnnn!
    DSK Allegedly Tied to French Prostitution RingIt never ends with this guy.
  27. kaaaahhhnnn!
    DSK Beats His Second Rape Investigation of the YearFrench prosecutors will not pursue attempted rape charges.
  28. international news
    No Radiation Leaking in French Nuclear Plant Explosion [Updated]A blast at Marcoule in southern France killed one person this morning.
  29. scandaleux!
    Watch French President Nicolas Sarkozy Get ManhandledA man grabbed him by the suit and nearly pulled him to the ground.
  30. revolt like an egyptian
    France Armed Libyan Rebels Against QaddafiThe assistance came at a crucial moment of stalemate.
  31. ripped from the headlines
    Dominique Strauss-Kahn Resigns From IMF [Updated]And also attempts to get released on bail.
  32. ripped from the headlines
    Strauss-Kahn’s Supporters Hint That Political Opponents Had Role in Sexual-Assault CaseThe perp walk reminds them too much of ‘CSI.’
  33. ripped from the headlines
    Letter From Paris: A Gallic Shrug for DSKDo silent politicians suggest restraint, or complicity?
  34. ripped from the headlines
    IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Denied Bail, Will Face a Grand Jury on May 20Prosecutors are looking into similar previous allegations.
  35. video
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Global Financial Fallout of DSK ArrestIt’s bad news for Europe’s floundering Southern countries.
  36. ripped from the headlines
    Another Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Comes Forward Against IMF Chief Dominique Strauss–Kahn“I mentioned the word ‘rape’ to make him afraid, but it didn’t have any effect.”
  37. revolt like an egyptian
    Britain and France Send Military Advisers to Libyan Rebels, Remind Everyone of VietnamCould this be Britain’s Vietnam?
  38. international intrigue
    Ivory Coast Strongman Laurent Gbagbo Has Been ArrestedBut by whom?
  39. international intrigue
    France Joins U.N. Strike in Ivory Coast, Prompting Gbagbo’s SurrenderFrance’s newfound interventionist streak.
  40. revolt like an egyptian
    Allies Split Over Military Action in Libya, Obama Tries to Mend the GapFrance doesn’t want NATO to lead the mission.
  41. libya
    Allied Forces Open Fire on Libyan Government Forces [Updated]“The time for action has come,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said.
  42. international intrigue
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy Slags Off on ObamaThis will be very confusing for all of conservative talk radio.
  43. gross things
    Polanski-Supporting French Culture Minister Bragged About Sex With ‘Young Boys’Calls for resignation are made after gross excerpts from his 2005 autobiography read aloud on French TV.
  44. early and awesome
    Is It Us, or Was It Cuter When It Was Obama?New posters of Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris look awful familiar.
  45. photo op
    Lydia Hearst Naked for French ‘Playboy’And all is forgiven!
  46. gossipmonger
    Michael Lohan Scares Lindsay Away From Potential Lesbianism for a DayAlso, gossip in Sharon Stone, Harrison Ford, and Mischa Barton in our daily roundup.
  47. gossipmonger
    Be Prepared to Learn More About the Taleses Than You Ever Wanted to KnowMariah Carey doesn’t want you to see her eyes, Pamela Anderson gets American, and Elite modeling agency goes to Utah!
  48. in other news
    Marion Cotillard’s Five-Step Plan for Destroying a Burgeoning Acting Career Seemingly on her way to stardom after winning the Best Actress Oscar a week ago, Marion Cotillard has stumbled upon what just may be the most surefire way imaginable to instantly erase all American goodwill and devastate her box-office potential: Step 1: Posit that 9/11 was a conspiracy designed to renovate the Twin Towers without having to pay for costly rewiring. Step 2: After denigrating America’s greatest tragedy, question the validity of America’s greatest accomplishment: landing a man on the moon. Step 3: Be French. Step 4: When confronted with your conspiracy theories, claim they were taken out of context, but don’t disown them. Step 5: In fact, remind America that it’s not the only one that makes movies and that you can simply film in other places. Done. That’s all it takes to complete the Marion Cotillard “Five-Step Plan for Destroying a Burgeoning Acting Career.” It’s that easy, friends. —Dan Amira Marion Cotillard ‘in shock’ over 9/11 row, but will not apologise [Times Online]
  49. company town
    William Kristol Has the Gray Lady’s Knickers in a TwistMEDIA • Both Times public editor Clark Hoyt and former Times conservative standby William Safire have panned Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger’s decision to foist William Kristol on the editorial page. Among the other conservatives considered and passed over: Charles Krauthammer, Ross Douthat, Max Boot, and a bunch of other Weekly Standard stalwarts. But at least Judith Miller approves: “[I]t’s an appointment that’s a long time coming. The page needed balance.… [But] an unabashed neocon without remorse is unacceptable to Times people.… He’s not kosher in that sense.” [New Republic] • New York Observer president Robert Sommer nailed his MSNBC interview: “We like to view our readers as some of the smartest, most insensitive — most… Some of the most brightest readers in the country and especially New York.” [NYO] • David Blum goes through his fifth sex columnist in little more than a year, firing his latest hire at the New York Press after she stole questions from Dan Savage. Some might call that slutty! [NYO]
  50. gossipmonger
    Britney, Not OkayDuring a recent photo shoot for OK!, Britney Spears fondled herself, peed in public, and walked away with $21,267 in clothing. Jay-Z is considering jumping from Island Def Jam to Columbia Records, perhaps because Jermaine Dupri was named president of Island’s urban music division. A lot of coarse language will have to be edited out of the roast of Flavor Flav when it’s aired on Comedy Central. Lauren Bacall can’t find herself a man who isn’t already married. Judi Giuliani hosted a fund-raising cocktail party at the Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park. Tom Brady and Donald Trump played golf at Trump’s club in Westchester. Scary Spice is starting to hint at “troubling aspects” of ex-husband Eddie Murphy’s lifestyle, but she hasn’t specific. An upcoming book on personal hygiene portrays the French as rather smelly.
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