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Francois Henri Pinault

  1. gossipmonger
    Madonna Has the Magic TouchWhen it comes to SOME children, at least. Her boyfriend Jesus Luz’s career is really taking off.
  2. gossipmonger
    Michelle Didn’t Wear Her Wedding Band on Inauguration Night!What can it mean?!?! Probably only that it didn’t match her other jewelry. Also, what is Britney really saying in that new song? In the gossip roundup.
  3. gossipmonger
    The Hudson Plane Crash Helped Jeremy Piven Find a Stand-inToo bad he only finds him now; that whole mercury embarrassment could’ve been avoided! Plus, Lourdes may be knotting her lush brows in crafty triumph!
  4. in other news
    ‘SNL’ Star Kenan Thompson Improvs His Way Out of a Potty Predicament’SNL’ star Kenan Thompson is charged with careless driving, while his passenger pal gets nailed for marijuana possession. Could the two possibly be related?