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Francois Hollande

  1. international intrigue
    French Jews Pretty Sure They’re Still FrenchBy singing “La Marseillaise.”
  2. scandals
    French President Announces Breakup With First GirlfriendA couple weeks after he was caught having an affair.
  3. nitpicking
    President Obama Is Not Pronouncing the French President’s Name CorrectlyHe’s trying his best, though. 
  4. international intrigue
    A Duet Between Taylor Swift and the French President’s Dead CamelIt was a gift from Mali and it was very loud. 
  5. elections
    François Hollande Wins French Presidential ElectionHe defeat Nicolas Sarkozy in a runoff vote.
  6. politics a la francaise
    Nicolas Sarkozy Looking Shaky After First Round of Presidential VoteHe will now face off against the Socialists in the general election.