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Frank Gaffney

  1. islamophobia
    Texas GOP Activists Fight to Purge Local Official Because He’s – Gasp – MuslimIf you feed people hate long enough, they can soon become hateful.
  2. John Bolton and the Anti-Muslim Bigotry of Mainstream ConservatismBolton’s appointment is a reminder that American conservatives — from Donald Trump to Bret Stephens — find Islamophobia perfectly acceptable.
  3. Trump’s Speech in Saudi Arabia Was More Obama Than BannonCompared to his campaigning, it was a blatant flip-flop. Will his supporters who bashed Hillary Clinton for being “soft” on terrorism forgive him?
  4. the national interest
    Sane, Competent Official Uncovered on Trump Transition Team, and Is FiredMike Rogers fired for not being a nut, is replaced with certified nut.