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  1. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Intelligence Community’s Bill Barr MomentPresident Trump’s team of national security hacks will stand idly by as Russia tries to meddle in another election.
  2. the national circus
    Frank Rich: What’s Wrong With the Democratic Primary? Everything.From debate rules that helped drive out minority candidates while welcoming Tom Steyer to the enduring focus on Iowa, the process has been a debacle.
  3. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Republicans Are Excusing a Criminal ConspiracyIf the GOP cared about facts this week’s impeachment testimony would be apocalyptically damaging. But nothing will keep them from defending Trump.
  4. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Republican Impeachment Panic Sets InDespite William Taylor’s bombshell testimony, Trump isn’t going anywhere soon — but the GOP’s distress over impeachment is clearly deepening.
  5. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Case for a Fast, Focused Trump ImpeachmentUnwinding all of Trump’s wrongdoing could take years. Democrats need to keep the narrative clear, the public tuned in, and the White House on the mat.
  6. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Sharpiegate and Trump’s Escalating War on RealityThere’s been an uptick in lunacy since recession fears crept onto Trump’s radar — and his delusional claims will only get worse as 2020 approaches.
  7. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Is Acosta Just the First Epstein Enabler to Fall?A bipartisan cesspool of elites allowed Jeffrey Epstein to flourish for years. Now they’re hoping to cover their tracks before we can get answers.
  8. the national circus
    Frank Rich: This Constitutional Crisis Probably Won’t Be Trump’s LastHis stonewalling of Congress is unprecedented, but the ultimate crisis may arrive if the Supreme Court rules against him, or he loses in 2020.
  9. the national circus
    The Biggest Threat to Biden’s Candidacy Isn’t the Left, It’s Biden HimselfThe question isn’t just whether the former VP’s views are progressive enough, but whether he’s culturally limber enough in a fast-moving new order.
  10. the national circus
    Frank Rich: In Bill Barr, Trump Has Finally Found His New FixerThe AG’s unsupported Mueller report conclusions and “spying” accusations show he’s about covering for Trump, not thwarting his lawlessness.
  11. the national circus
    Are Foreign Countries Benefiting From Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance?The revelation that Trump ordered clearance for his son-in-law raises questions about what interests Kushner is really looking out for.
  12. the national circus
    Lindsey Graham’s Claims About an Anti-Trump ‘Coup’ Are Just TrollingAndrew McCabe’s book provides more evidence that Trump’s Senate lackey is only threatening to probe the DOJ and FBI to give the president cover.
  13. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Why Trump Goes Out of His Way to Incriminate HimselfHe doesn’t mind demonstrating that he broke the law, because he doesn’t believe the law is legitimate or as powerful as he is.
  14. the national circus
    The Shameless Fakery of Trump’s Retreat on Family SeparationsHis executive order was a prop intended to wipe the images of caged children from the screen. It won’t work.
  15. the national circus
    When Trump Attacks Sessions, He Sounds Like a Guilty ManWhy else would he want the most effective implementer of his right-wing agenda out of office?
  16. the national circus
    Following the Money in Trumpland Leads Ugly PlacesMichael Avenatti is doing what Woodward and Bernstein did — and revealing unvarnished bribery and collusion.
  17. power
    Frank Rich: Roy Cohn, Donald Trump, and the New York Cesspool That Created ThemThe city’s Establishment will ignore unscrupulous acts to serve its interests — just look how it treated the onetime lawyer to the president.
  18. the national circus
    Sean Hannity Will Remain Trump’s Shadow Chief of StaffEven while posing as an honest broker on Fox News.
  19. new york 50th anniversary
    The Birth of New York Magazine, Told by the People Who Made ItGloria Steinem, Tom Wolfe, Milton Glaser, Gail Sheehy, and more tell the story of the magazine’s early days.
  20. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump Only Knows ChaosDon’t look too deeply for motive in any of the unnecessary crises he’s creating.
  21. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The Hidden Logic of Trump’s Staff ExodusThe president is looking for a specific type in an underling.
  22. the national circus
    Frank Rich: A Hopeful New Path for Gun Politics in AmericaIt’s a very good sign that even Trump — in his crude way — is trying to attach himself to gun control.
  23. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Trump Will Never Cross the NRAEmotional spectacles aside, remember that he is calling for more guns, not fewer, in schools.
  24. the national circus
    It’s Time for John Kelly to GoThe White House chief of staff’s handling of the Rob Porter fiasco is making the Scaramucci interregnum look like a golden age.
  25. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The GOP Has Become the Anti-Law Enforcement PartyTrump’s assault on Justice and the FBI merely heightens the party’s dangerous anti-government toxins.
  26. national circus
    Frank Rich: How Democrats Can Win the Spin War Over the Trump Tax CutsSo far, Nancy Pelosi and Tom Steyer are doing it wrong.
  27. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The GOP Is About to Tumble Into Full-scale PanicRoy Moore’s loss in Alabama laid bare some brutal realities for a broken party.
  28. politics
    After Trump Will Be Another Trump — and This One Could Be More DangerousLiberals ecstatic over this month’s election must not forget: Even after this demagogue is finished, a new one will rise in his place.
  29. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Donald Trump’s ‘Independence’ Is a Complete FarceHis deal with Democrats isn’t a sign he’s turned a corner. It merely shows he’s as erratic and unprincipled as he’s ever been.
  30. politics
    Frank Rich: Nixon, Trump, and How a Presidency EndsJust wait. Watergate didn’t become Watergate overnight, either.
  31. frank rich
    Frank Rich Will Take Your QuestionsThe New York Magazine columnist is answering reader questions on Facebook.
  32. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Why the Future We Imagined in 1964 Was WrongA case study in the flaws of presentism.
  33. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: What Philip Seymour Hoffman Left BehindHow can we make sense of his legacy and his death?
  34. 2016 is already here
    Frank Rich Explains Christie’s ‘Meaningless’ Win to Piers MorganChristie is just not conservative enough to be a viable presidential candidate.
  35. republicans
    Frank Rich on the Ruse of Republican Overtures to MinoritiesIt’s just a matter of looking concerned. 
  36. video
    Frank Rich on Maddow: Policy Brought on America’s Inequality ProblemAnd it probably won’t be resolved anytime soon.
  37. politics
    Frank Rich on Maddow: Rove’s Plans for the GOP Are a ‘Fantasy’“They’re going to have to get real and face the party they have,” says Rich.
  38. video
    Rich: The Biggest Conservative Racket of AllIt involved Fox News.
  39. international affairs
    Frank Rich on Maddow: John McCain’s ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Foreign Policy“Bomb, bomb, bomb, fill in the blank.”
  40. scandal
    Rich: Petraeus Scandal Won’t Draw Focus to WarAfghanistan will be ignored after Real Housewives of Tampa blows over.
  41. politics
    Frank Rich on Maddow: GOP Changing Its Tune on Latino VotersWhat you won’t hear in the next election.
  42. stuck in the mittle
    Frank Rich on Maddow: Romney Still Trying to Win Over His BaseWhich is why he’s turning to Glenn Beck and Donald Trump.
  43. campaign 2012
    A November Loss Could Be Just What the GOP NeedsPanelists moderated by Frank Rich consider the options.
  44. campaign 2012
    Frank Rich on Joy Behar: Debate ‘Mega-Boredom’Debate could spell “mega-boredom.”
  45. media
    Rich on Maddow: Fox News Risks Losing GOP SupportRepublicans will fight it out, whether or not Mitt Romney wins.
  46. frank rich
    Frank Rich Takes Your Questions Tomorrow on RedditGet those upvotes ready.
  47. stuck in the mittle
    Frank Rich on Face the Nation: Bain Capital Issue Confuses Voters“The problem for Romney is a lot of Americans don’t really know him, and Bain is the biggest part of it.”
  48. frank rich
    Frank Rich on Piers Morgan: Obama’s CoolnessThey look like “old fogies.”
  49. politics
    Frank Rich on Maddow: Limbaugh Blew the GOP’s Contraception CoverHanded Obama and Dems “a soft ball right over the plate.”
  50. politics
    Frank Rich on The Last Word: Did Romney Fight for Civil Rights Within His Church?Romney was very active in the church at a crucial time.
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