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  1. media
    New York Times Exposes Shocking Instance of Voter FraudPeople sometimes vote more than once in Internet contests.
  2. temple of dupes
    ‘Jewish Indiana Jones’ Is a Big FakeSorry, kids.
  3. ballsy crimes
    Hong Kong Businessman So Wealthy He Didn’t Notice New York Limo Driver Took Him for a $800,000 RideThese things just don’t happen in Kansas.
  4. health carnage
    New York ‘Manipulative Therapy’ Specialist at the Center of the Journal’s Investigation Into Medicare FraudGet this patient a polysomnography sleep analysis, stat!
  5. ballsy crime
    Raj Rajaratnam Seemed ‘Relaxed’ at Pretrial HearingSuspicious.
  6. bring on the funkhouser
    Elitist Attitude Helps Uncover FraudOnce they saw he went to a bad college, it was all over for Kenneth Wayne McLeod.
  7. covering their assets
    Wyly Brothers Used Magic Cloak to Conceal $550 Million Fraud, SEC AllegesDallas billionaires may have used magic to cover their assets.
  8. crime
    Feds Raid Manhattan ‘Boiler Room’Thirteen arrested.
  9. Money Manager’s Death-Faking Flight Was Totally Awesome, Exhilarating“It felt like my face was just going to explode,” says accused Ponzi-schemer Marcus Schrenker.
  10. health carnage
    60 Minutes Makes Medicare Fraud Seem Sexy Like ScarfaceMedicare fraud is the new cocaine.
  11. ballsy crime
    Rajaratnam Gave Lots of Money to the Tamil TigersThis isn’t going to end well.
  12. ballsy crime
    Hedge-Funder Raj Rajaratnam Got Cranky When People Refused to Partake in His Insider-Trading SchemeRaj Rajaratnam, the billionaire founder of New York–based hedge fund Galleon Group, has been arrested. Things look pretty bad.
  13. ballsy crime
    Death-Faking Money Manager’s Friends and Family Hate Him, TooThings are about to get even more embarrassing for Marcus Schrenker, if possible.
  14. ballsy crime
    Identity Thief Apparently a Big Fan of Seinfeld, 50 CentThe work of the man arrested for stealing data from 130 million credit-card accounts is rife with pop-culture references.
  15. sad things
    L.I. Man May Have Killed Family Over Financial FraudWilliam Parente may have duped investors out of up to $20 million.
  16. old crime
    Paul Greenwood Is Never Going to Live This Teddy-bear Thing DownBeing an Old Criminal isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you have the gayest hobby ever.
  17. geniuses
    Flying Financier Marcus Schrenker’s Wife Was ‘Shocked’ He Turned Out to Be a WackjobThe wife of disgraced financier Marcus Schrenker went on the ‘Today’ show this morning to clear her name.
  18. old crime
    Arthur Nadel Is in New York!The Florida Ponzi-schemer, 76, comes home to be with his people.
  19. in other news
    Hedge-Fund Maybe-Suicide Detective Has A Lenny Briscoe MomentCracks a joke at the crime scene.
  20. in other news
    Yalie Scammer Causes Ivy League ShrieksA word to the wise: if you are a con man, do not get your gay boyfriend mad.
  21. intel
    A Wave of Online Banking Frauds Soaks HSBCNews to everyone who uses HSBC online banking: We’ve heard of four different people who mysteriously had a couple of thousand dollars withdrawn from their HSBC checking accounts this week. When they called the bank to figure out what was going on, they discovered that it’s been happening to hundreds of other people. So much so, that the bank’s fraud department can’t keep up with the reports. A quick Internet search turned up this consumerist.com post on the subject, which explains that it’s a widespread problem among online banking users. According to the Website, a fraud investigator told one customer that the bank’s “fraud department was so overwhelmed, it was still in the developing stage” of how to handle it. When we contacted HSBC, they acknowledged there was an issue but reassured us: We are ensuring zero liability for our customers and are reissuing ATM/debit cards to those impacted. HSBC has well-established internal security measures to prevent fraudulent activity. We take fraud of any kind very seriously and are continually monitoring customer activity to identify and avert fraud. “I don’t what angers me more, the fact that I am missing all this money or that this crook only got charged a $1.50 withdrawal fee!” one customer, who lost nearly $3,000, told us. “They tell me it will take 10 to 20 business days to get my money back in my account. This is not a very impressive turnaround for the ‘world’s bank.’” So, if you have an HSBC account and use online banking, you should probably check your accounts today. You’d rather deal with it today than stew over the weekend about it. You’ve got guacamole to make for the Oscars! Is HSBC Straining Under an ‘Unprecedented’ Wave of Fraud Activity? [Consumerist]
  22. the morning line
    DHS Now Officially Full of Shit• The federal formula used to allot New York its pitiful share of anti-terrorism funds has been officially discredited. A new GAO report says — in as many words — that Homeland Security officials lack methods to assess risk. Actuarial math aside, failure to classify the Empire State Building as a landmark was a bit of a giveaway. [NYDN] • In related news, the Empire State Building is America’s favorite piece of architecture, according to the American Institute of Architects poll. The White House is number two. [WNBC] • Meet Tom DiNapoli. As New York’s Chris Smith reported yesterday, state legislators reneged on a deal with Governor Spitzer and installed the assemblyman as the new state comptroller. On the upside, according to the Times, DiNapoli is apparently the nicest guy in Albany. [NYT] • The plot thickens in the Long Island fake-cop case. The con man in question not only wore fake uniform and a prop badge; he owned a car complete with a siren, maintained the cop identity 24/7, and shook down criminals for a living. [NYP] • And it’s official: The bankrupt Air America now belongs to real-estate mogul Stephen Green, brother of Mark. The price tag on the voice of the American Left? $4.25 million. We assume they threw in The Nation. [amNY]