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Fred Davis

  1. politics
    California Recall Candidate Served Legal Papers During DebateRepublican gubernatorial replacement candidate John Cox is known for attention-grabbing gimmicks, like a rented grizzly, but this one wasn’t his idea.
  2. the new adventures of old christine
    Christine O’Donnell Regrets, Lies About, Infamous Witch AdShe has written a book to satisfy the public’s hunger for more information about her terrible candidacy.
  3. 2012
    Jon Huntsman’s Viral-Video GambitHe’s hired the strategist who made the “Demon Sheep” ad for Carly Fiorina.
  4. god bless youtube
    From the Ad Wizard Who Brought Us Demon Sheep Comes Barbara Boxer’s Giant Floating HeadIt’s not s weird as Demon Sheep, but it’s still pretty damn weird.
  5. early and often
    ‘Times Magazine’ to Get Behind McCain Campaign NarrativesComing this Sunday, an in-depth story on the McCain campaign that some are calling the first ‘postmortem.’