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Fred Dicker

  1. tabloid wars
    Daily News Puts Post in Front-Page CrosshairsThe tabloid wars are heating up.
  2. oh albany!
    Cuomo Will Handle His Biography Himself, ThanksThe governor sells a book to the detriment of his would-be chronicler.
  3. cuomolot
    Andrew Cuomo Books Coming Well Before 2016Two biographies of the governor are on their way.
  4. cuomolot
    Cuomo Rules Out 2016 Presidential Run, Then Rules It Back InThis is why he doesn’t want to talk about this.
  5. paladinosaur
    Carl Paladino Admits He Just Made Up That Thing About Andrew Cuomo Having an AffairAlso, Paladino says he’s never had an affair. Can … not … compute.
  6. carl paladino
    Watch Paladino-Dicker Showdown: The Animated-Bear RemixPerhaps the only context in which “you’re a stalking horse” comes off as adorable.
  7. paladinosaur
    Did the Post Make Paladino’s 10-Year-Old Daughter Cry?Carl Paladino says yes, the ‘Post”s Fred Dicker says “I don’t know.”
  8. paladinosaur
    Paladino Threatens to ‘Take Out’ Post ReporterHe threatens to “take him out.”
  9. early and awkward
    Andrew Cuomo Still Not Done Being Really Coy About Running for GovernorThat didn’t stop Fred Dicker from trying really, really hard.