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  1. republicans
    Republican Impeachment Supporters Catch Hell Back HomeGoing against Donald Trump remains a deeply risky maneuver.
  2. 2018 midterms
    Republicans Are Spending Last-Minute Money in Supposedly ‘Safe’ DistrictsIt’s one thing to spend late money on fresh new opportunities. Spending it on an escalating number of weak points is not how you win an election.
  3. Trump’s Push In Michigan’s Primaries Could Haunt the GOP This FallTrump’s intervention has skewed the Michigan GOP Senate and gubernatorial primaries toward his favorites, but November’s another matter.
  4. 7 Reasons the GOP Got Its Hideous Health-Care Bill Through the HouseHere’s why House moderates voted for a more unpopular, right-wing version of a bill that was too unpopular and right-wing for them just weeks ago.
  5. House Passes Controversial GOP Health-Care Bill by an EyelashThere was no room for error, but a comeback led by Fred Upton enabled House Republicans to enact Trumpcare as Democrats sang “Good-bye!”
  6. How Fred Upton Resurrected Zombie TrumpcareIt looked like the GOP congressman dealt a coup de grâce to the bill on Tuesday. By Wednesday he was back onboard and had changed the momentum.
  7. GOP Wants House Vote on Zombie Trumpcare Before Its Impact EstimatedThe GOP’s haste and wild maneuverings over a revised AHCA are caused partly by fear of a highly adverse CBO estimate of its impact.