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Freddy Ferrer

  1. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Accused of Push-Polling … for the Third Straight ElectionAnd yet it’s never, ever been his fault.
  2. visual aids
    The Neo-’Stache Era: A Field Guide to the Mustaches of Our TimeIt’s the seventies all over again!
  3. early and often
    Spitzer Patronage Begins With Ferrer? Despite Freddy Ferrer’s vow to stay out of politics, the twice-failed mayoral candidate and former Bronx borough president might have a place in the House of Spitzer. But will Ferrer leave the lobbying-PR giant Fleischman-Hillard to run New York’s Department of State? Ferrer didn’t return an e-mail, but those close to him insist he doesn’t want the job, which entails registering corporations, recording trademarks, and regulating cemeteries, among other things. The gig pays $120,800 annually, according to recent filings. A Ferrer insider claims that after so many years in government, he wants to stay in the private sector. But senior officials in Spitzer’s administration say Ferrer could be posturing.