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  1. the national interest
    Freedom Caucus Expels Amash for Being Too Pro-FreedomThe Freedom Caucus was ostensibly founded to promote the rule of law and fight crony capitalism. Amash’s exit shows those views are now unacceptable.
  2. Freedom Caucus’s Cunning Plan Could Hand the House to DemocratsTo subdue rebellious moderates, just take campaign funds from some of the most vulnerable GOP members. What could go wrong?
  3. McConnell: There’s ‘Zero Chance’ That Congress Fails to Raise Debt LimitStill, House conservatives are threatening to let America default on its debt, unless Democrats agree to massive spending cuts.
  4. AHCA-Supporting Congressman Walks Out of Interview, Faces Rough Town HallIowa’s Rod Blum said he was “ambushed” by a question about why he limited access to his town-hall events.
  5. q&a
    David Brat on Trump, Health Care, and What the Freedom Caucus Really WantsHe says Trump’s “very good, but you don’t know what the deal is he’s got in his mind.”
  6. Why Steve Bannon Might Be the Winner of the GOP’s Health-Care Civil WarThe Trump aide has told associates he’s unhappy with the bill and is already distancing himself from it.