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  1. freedom
    The Department of Energy Is Now Referring to Natural Gas as Freedom Gas“Freedom gas” and “molecules of U.S. freedom” are now official nomenclature at the Department of Energy.
  2. Trump Offers Conservatives the World — in Exchange for Their PrinciplesIs the mainstream right ready to replace its traditional values with pure nationalism?
  3. select all
    Delete Everything! Torch Your Facebook Account and Walk AwayBurn down the house that Mark Zuckerberg built.
  4. libertarianism
    Libertarian Group: Your Local Public Hospital Is Stealing Your FreedomUntil we can wrench ourselves free from the tyrannous yoke of publicly funded sewage and medical systems, we will never be free.
  5. Trump’s Unsettling Proposal for Gay People and WomenTrade your freedoms for protection from Muslims.
  6. early and often
    Ted Cruz Says He Won’t Ban DildosStockpiling sex toys in anticipation of a Cruz win in November no longer seems necessary.
  7. great escapes
    Queens Bull Escapes to College, Gets Rescued by Jon StewartThe comedian’s war on runaway bullshit takes a surprising and heartwarming turn.
  8. Two ISIS-Controlled Cities Just Got Closer to LiberationMosul in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria are getting put on the road to freedom. 
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Town Loses in Case Over ‘F**k Your S**tty Town Bitches’ Speeding TicketWriting profanities on a speeding ticket is protected free speech.
  10. media
    Reporter Kicked Out of 9/11 Museum for Asking a Question Without PermissionAmid some bad press, the museum will not have people doing unauthorized journalism.
  11. freedom
    Judge Sets Mob Boss Turned Canary Joseph Massino FreeRatting out the mob means you only have to serve twelve years of a life sentence.
  12. freedom
    Statue of Liberty Ready to Party on July 4The big, green Hurricane Sandy victim is coming back.
  13. freedom
    Cow That Escaped New Jersey Slaughterhouse Adopted by New York Man “He’ll never end up on someone’s plate, that’s for sure.”
  14. freedom
    Rogue Cow Breaks Loose From New Jersey SlaughterhouseLoose on the streets of Jersey.
  15. freedom
    Webcam Will Offer a More Intimate Lady Liberty ViewThe Statue of Liberty’s panoramic views, 24/7.
  16. survey says
    Study: New York Is America’s Least Free StateThis is a study funded by the Koch brothers, mind you.
  17. international intrigue
    Iraq Basking in Freedom to Sell Porn Featuring Daniel BaldwinMission accomplished.
  18. justice
    Bank Rules Topless Miranda Kerr Photos Safe for WorkDavid Kiely’s victory is a victory for everyone.