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  1. people who dgaf
    One Man Still Lives in Highly Radioactive Japanese Town“I couldn’t care less.”
  2. japan
    Japan Expands Evacuation Zone As 6.6 Aftershock Hits Near Fukushima Nuclear PlantA month after the tsunami.
  3. tsunami
    7.4-Magnitude 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of JapanWorkers were evacuated from the plagued Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
  4. japan
    Japanese Exec in Charge of Nuclear Plant Has Been Missing for WeeksMasataka Shimizu is nowhere to be found at his Tokyo high-rise or at Tepco headquarters.
  5. japan
    The Departed: An Exodus of Expats Draws Scorn in JapanIs leaving Japan for safer ground an act of betrayal?