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Full Body Scans

  1. airport security
    Airport Scanners Will No Longer Reveal Lumpy American FleshThe naked X-ray machines are being removed.
  2. don’t scan me bro!
    The TSA Has Heard Your Cry, and the Groping Might Cease“Airport screening procedures will be adapted as conditions warrant.”
  3. don’t scan me bro!
    Obama: TSA’s Nude Screening a Necessary InconvenienceThough the president has not actually experienced it.
  4. hands across america
    Ron Paul Would Like to Give You Back Your DignityHe won’t let Canada get the last laugh!
  5. cable news
    Talk Box: Ann Coulter Outmaneuvered by Fox Legal Analyst in TSA DebateThe pundit gets so frustrated, she has to ask Hannity to cut her foe’s mike.
  6. airport security
    100 Images From the Controversial TSA Body ScansFlesh and bone, in all its low-res glory.
  7. full body scans
    Full-Body Scans Finally Coming to New YorkTime to hit the gym!
  8. public service announcements
    If You Have a Small Penis, Beware Those Full-Body ScannersOne man’s tale of woe.
  9. important debates
    Airport Security Officials Caught in Most Obvious Lie EverThose full-body scanners DO record images!