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Fun Things

  1. the most important women in the world
    Here’s What 12 Amazing Women Would Look Like on the $20 BillWe mocked up a few ideas, from the historical to the semi-historical.
  2. stuck in the mittle
    Who’s Having More Fun: The Ikea Monkey or Mitt Romney?Two out-of-place creatures in a cold world.
  3. fun things
    Minnesota Fifth-Grader Had a Legitimate Reason for Missing School And he has a note from President Obama to prove it.
  4. fun things
    Jeremy Lin Offers Stuyvesant Class of 2012 Earnest Advice, Semi-Earnest Rapping“So, as you go on from high school, I just want to encourage you guys to really have a lot of fun.” 
  5. neighborhood news
    Brooklyn Dad and Kid Send iPhone Into Outer SpaceThis is not some joke based on Pixar’s ‘Up.’
  6. foxes of finance
    Foxes of FinanceOur mostly subjective, entirely shallow, list of Wall Street’s hottest bachelors.
  7. the greatest depression
    Yesterday’s Wall Street Protest: A Good Time Was Had by AllCostumes, floats, and shiny sunglasses. Yesterday’s demonstrations were fun!
  8. awesome things
    The New Annoying Wedding Trend: Save-the-Date VideosA couple has created a literally epic wedding announcement.
  9. social networking
    Odd Relationships Revealed by New Facebook Privacy SettingsThe social-networking site has gotten a lot of flak for its new policies, but there are some good things about it.
  10. awesome things
    Minnesota Couple Gets Married, FamousWhy? Because their wedding video is the best thing ever.
  11. the greatest depression
    How the Recession Is Affecting HollywoodHard times have forced the adorable Anna Faris to “expand her range.”