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  1. funny people
    Why Aren’t Conservatives As Funny As Liberals?Aasif Mandvi weighs in.
  2. eric schmidt
    Google CEO Would Like to Remind You How Important Your Disappearing Privacy Really Is“There’s a reason why private thoughts were invented by generations before us.”
  3. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google’s CEO Says He Likes to Sidle ‘Right Up to the Creepy Line’We’ve been so wrong about Eric Schmidt.
  4. funny people
    The Onion Reminds Us of Everything Terrible About New YorkMaybe it really is a horrible place to live …
  5. funny people
    How to Tell a Recession JokeLocal comedians share their tips for surviving the Greatest Depression with your sense of humor intact.
  6. Julianne Moore on BlindnessWe know it’s gross, but if you’ve read the book ‘Blindness,’ you had to be wondering about one aspect of how they made the movie. Can a film like that really go to number one when it’s filled with so much number two?
  7. white men with money
    Buffett Wants Bloomberg for National Economy Czar, ‘News’ Wants Him for Mayor, AgainIt seems like everybody wants to give Hizzoner more power these days.
  8. the sports section
    Confetti and Courage: Video From Today’s Giants ParadeIf you missed some of the footage of the Giants’ victory parade today on television, New York’s Tim Murphy went on location to the Canyon of Heroes (a.k.a. lower Broadway in Manhattan) to gather some of the overwhelming fan joy into one short video. Click above to watch as children admit to playing hooky and streaking in celebration, Tim admits to not knowing who Osi Umenyiora is, and some extremely excited people admitted that, yes, Eli Manning is officially a New Yorker. Giants’ Victory Parade [NYM Video]