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Funny Things

  1. i quit!
    City Councilman Writes Resignation in KlingonWhy the hell not?
  2. the racie for gracie
    The 10 Funniest Mayoral Candidates, In OrderGuess which one refused to tell a joke?
  3. funny things
    Sotheby’s Could Really Use an Administrative Assistant [Updated]A clumsy Craigslist ad makes this clear.
  4. funny things
    ‘Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition’Well played, ‘Onion.’
  5. science
    Science: Women Are Attracted to Men Who Dance ‘Flamboyantly’Oh, WOMEN. No wonder you can’t stay happy.
  6. funny things
    Vows: Ted and GracieOne of our favorite ‘Times’ features gets spoofed.
  7. conundrums
    ‘My Colleagues and I Are Convinced That One of Our Co-Workers Is Insane’No, like, REALLY insane.
  8. nuts
    Congress Does Not Want to Hear About How ‘Mammoth’ Bank of America’s Nuts AreIn response to a subpoena, Bank of America drops a pile of useless e-mails on a congressman’s desk.
  9. tragicomedy
    The Pandit-Blankfein Dialogues: Wait, Did I Call You or Did You Call Me?A financial-crisis comedy of errors.
  10. the most important people in the world
    ‘Now I Would Like to Do a Quote From My Favorite Author, R.L. Stine’James Franco’s UCLA commencement speech: the lost footage.
  11. accidents
    A Grade School Accidentally Showed a Bunch of Kids a PornoIs this awful or hilarious?
  12. some people started singing it not knowing what it was
    The Murray Hill Song: Now With Video!A popular satirical song about Manhattan’s frattiest neighborhood gets the MTV treatment.
  13. april fools’ day
    Outrage! AIG Executives on Another Retreat!Sharpen your pitchforks, populace: We’re going to Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
  14. funny things
    How Does the Treasury Decide Who Gets a Bailout?“We’d better consult the chart.”
  15. early and often
    Ten Reasons the George Bush Shoe Attack Was Completely AwesomeCome on, you know you got a kick out of it. Ha! Kick.
  16. It Was InevitableAnd we can’t believe we didn’t think of it first. A Tumblr blog called ‘Sad Guys on Trading Floors’? Come on!