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  1. furry things
    Animal-Rights Activists Free 5,740 Mink in Cross-Country Crime SpreeThe FBI is calling the duo’s multi-month, 40,000-mile campaign an act of “domestic terrorism.”
  2. crazytown
    Possibly Corrupt Transit Official Rolling in Furs, Flat-ScreensBut maybe they were just that kind of fur that people wear on the subway.
  3. in other news
    Lindsay Lohan Accused of ‘Highjacketing’A Columbia student accuses Lindsay Lohan of taking her coat for a joyride.
  4. party lines
    Sarah Polley Will Call You Fat to Your Face If You Give Her a Bad ReviewWhen New York ran into Sarah Polley the other night at the Film Critics Choice Awards, we asked the Away From Her director if she’d ever confronted a critic who had given her a bad review. “Yeah, I have,” she laughed. “He came to a press lunch for a film that I knew he hated, because there was really good free food, and it was in Cannes. He was kind of famous for doing that. And so I sort of confronted him on how much food he had on his plate; not necessarily about the review, but just how gluttonous he was.” How did he react? “He was pretty good-natured about it,” she said. “We actually ended up becoming friends.” Oh, yeah? So … who was it? She wouldn’t say. We tried another tactic: Was the film one she directed or one she was in? “It was a film I was in,” she said, before floating off in that ethereal way she has. And so we put the question to you, dear readers. Who was the freeloading film critic shamed by Sarah Polley? To help you guess, after the jump, we’ve compiled some choice lines from reviewers who haven’t exactly fallen at her feet.
  5. early and often
    Bill Clinton Accuses Obama Camp of Preparing Dirty Financial AttacksSo we have been watching Bill Clinton’s blistering anti-Obama rant from a New Hampshire rally today, and it’s really juicy. You know, the one in which he calls Obama’s campaign a “fairy tale”? (And not in the good way?) Well, if you listen (and we transcribed below), Bill accuses the Obama camp of secretly drudging up old Clinton financial concerns and preparing a memo about them that was never released. Plus, you know, he goes bonkers. Which is fun enough on its own. “That is the central argument for his campaign: ‘It doesn’t matter that I started running for president less than one year after I got to the Senate from the Illinois State Senate. I am a great speaker and a charismatic figure, and I am the only one that had the judgment to oppose this war from the beginning, always, always, always.’”
  6. cultural capital
    Kanye Can’t Get No SatisfactionOnce you reach a certain level of success in the entertainment industry, it’s considered déclassé to admit to reading your own press. Kanye West, however, is not so coy. Those who saw his outburst at the VMAs earlier this month, or have heard his recent album, Graduation won’t be surprised to learn that the “starcissist” not only reads all of his reviews, he occasionally picks up the phone to chastise the journalists who he thinks don’t fully appreciate his genius. One editor at a prominent publication told New York that an editorial assistant he worked with recently fielded such a call. “Kanye complimented him on a small piece he’d done on the album cover. Then he asked to talk to the reviewer who had given it kind of a middling review,” he said. The assistant attempted to stave off the rapper. “The kid was like, ‘Um, I think some people have different views? And you know people have their opinions.’” The editor said he’d heard Kanye’s publicist had been patching through a lot of similar calls. “At least the guy really cares about his album.” Indeed. Related: Kanye’s Grammys Rant [SpikeTV] Previously: Not Gangsta