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  1. government shutdown
    The Government Shutdown Is Exposing the Stupidity of Government ShutdownsThe rules governing which parts of the government stay open are, to use a technical term, “not smart.”
  2. government shutdown
    If TSA Workers Go on Strike, Trump Might Relish the Chance to Play ReaganIt’s unclear if Trump could follow Reagan’s strategy for defeating striking air traffic controllers. Unpaid TSA workers might be tempted to try him.
  3. government shutdown
    Trump Recalls 50,000 Furloughed Employees Who Now Get to Work Without PayThe administration’s furlough plans are now turning into Swiss cheese as exceptions are made for services that seem politically essential.
  4. government shutdown
    Furlough the Beast: Anonymous Trump Official Calls for Lengthy ShutdownA pernicious voice whispers to Trump, via a Daily Caller op-ed, that he can shrink the government simply by keeping parts of it shuttered.
  5. government shutdown
    Trump’s Border-Wall Shutdown Battle Drags On, With No End in SightNeither side has any incentive for a quick deal to return things to normal.
  6. Government Shutdown Bad News for IRS As It Implements New Tax BillIt’s a terrible time to force furloughs and funding interruptions on an already overwhelmed agency.
  7. government shutdown
    Furloughed Pentagon Workers to Return to WorkMost of them, anyway.
  8. government shutdown
    House Votes to Pay Furloughed Workers EventuallyWhenever this shutdown is over.
  9. unfriendly skies
    Senate Passes FAA Furlough-Aversion BillBorrows from airport improvement funds to keep air-traffic controllers at work.
  10. oh albany!
    Paterson: ‘I’ll Take a Furlough!’Oh, no, honey. Don’t go there.
  11. Judge Rejects Paterson’s Furlough of State WorkersGov. prevented from trying again until May 26.
  12. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Immediately Rescinds Totally Defensible Staff Raises“We’re going to do what is not the right thing.”
  13. budget mess
    New York Legislature Approves ‘Unprecedented’ FurloughsA first for state workers in the state.
  14. budget mess
    Hooray, New York’s Government Won’t Shut DownThe legislature accedes to Paterson’s demands. Bet that stings.
  15. budget mess
    Governor Paterson Dares Legislature to Shut Down GovernmentWould the legislature dare?