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  1. the most important people in the world
    Sit Where Jesse James Hath SexedThe coffin-shaped couch where Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock is for sale.
  2. things we’ve always wanted to say
    Design Within Reach Having to Reevaluate EverythingWe have an idea of where to start.
  3. greek men with money
    Owner of World’s Ugliest, Most Expensive Chair Revealed!A Greek shipping magnate has been fingered as the buyer of a $28.5 million chair.
  4. intel
    Swedish Fishing: The Wait for the Red Hook Ikea OpeningWe talked to those hardy souls who will wait in line for anything — even a discount Scandanavian sofa.
  5. photo op
    And How Much Do You Have to Tip That Delivery Guy? From Curbed: Big couch, small window, Williamsburg. We giggled. CurbedWire: Big Couch in a Small Window [Curbed]