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  1. internet warfare
    Discussion of Times Reporter’s Personal-Finance Story Somehow Devolves Into New Media vs. Old Media FustercluckThe ‘Times’ thinks it’s not such a big deal — others beg to differ.
  2. fusterclucks
    Rick Santelli Wants to Set the Record StraightHis rant wasn’t scripted by the far right, the reporter says. Furthermore, he’s always been insane, and he loves Obama, okay? LOVES. HIM.
  3. fusterclucks
    Will We Finally Get Answers From Mary-Kate About Heath Ledger?The Dutch are trying to compel Mary-Kate’s deposition! Please, let them take her to the Hague.
  4. fusterclucks
    Blake Lively and Leighton Meester to Appear on ‘30 Rock’They’ll play Liz Lemon’s former high-school classmates. OMG!