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  1. g20
    G20 Leaders Back Global Minimum Tax to Close Off Corporate Tax HavensThe international pact is considered an essential part of the Biden administration’s plans to raise taxes in the U.S.
  2. memes
    Unwanted Ivanka Memes Put Ivanka Trump on the Front Lines of HistoryIvanka Trump’s presence at the annual G20 summit sparked some memes.
  3. foreign interests
    Trump’s G20 Trip Was a Victory for DictatorsAt the summit, President Trump cemented his friendships with authoritarian leaders like Putin and Kim, while giving short shrift to democratic allies.
  4. trade war
    Trump’s Big Tariff Threat Against China Is Officially a FlopChina appears to have called Trump’s bluff and extracted significant concessions, but there’s still no end in sight for the trade war.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Thinks Putin’s Attack on ‘Western-Style Liberalism’ Was About CaliforniaOur authoritarian president hates liberalism but does not understand what it means.
  6. world view
    Trump Kept a Low Profile at the G20, But Still Left His MarkThe G20 is meant to foster global cooperation, but with authoritarian and nativist leaders on the rise, it turned out to be Trump’s kind of crowd.
  7. Germany Shuts Down a Left-Wing ‘Extremist’ Website for First TimeGermany’s decision to shut down a social network for anti-capitalists may bear a warning to the American left.
  8. if you can’t beat them
    Trump Wants to Work With Russia to Prevent Future Election MeddlingIt seems more than likely that Trump has just shrugged off Russia’s attack on last year’s presidential election, including to Putin himself.
  9. g20
    Ivanka Trump Sat in for Her Father Among World Leaders at G20“If she weren’t my daughter it would be so much easier for her,” the president also explained on Saturday.
  10. Police and Protesters Clash in Hamburg As Thousands Flock to G20 DemonstrationsRioters mixed with peaceful protesters as world leaders gathered in the German city.
  11. paris attacks
    Putin, Peace, and Diplomatic Cats: What Happened at the G20 SummitObama thinks the ISIS strategy is working. François Hollande — and many others — think more is necessary.
  12. spy games
    Russia Denies It Put Bugged USB Drives and Cables in G20 Gift BagsWay more brazen than scooping up metadata.
  13. international affairs
    Obama Says He and Putin Aren’t Really That AwkwardThey talked about Syria, not Snowden, on the sidelines of G20.
  14. international relations
    Just How Awkward Was the Obama-Putin G20 Handshake?The context was strained, but the greeting itself was workmanlike.
  15. spy games
    G20 Summit Spying Tradition ConfirmedBy The Guardian, with help from Edward Snowden.
  16. obama is a human person
    President Obama Is Just a Somewhat Interesting Guy NowWorld leaders are no longer treating him like Katy Perry.
  17. international intrigue
    Obama and South Korea Fail to Reach Trade DealHe’s really been having trouble getting people to listen to him.
  18. international intrigue
    G-20 Summit: Let’s Try to Look Like We’re on the Same Page, Okay?Everything’s fine, honey. Your father and I still love each other very much.
  19. g20
    At G20, Obama’s Economic Ambitions Don’t Go Over Too Well With Debt-Laden LeadersBut they’ve all agreed to cut their deficits.
  20. G-20 Leaders Vow to Curb Bank Bonuses“For real.”
  21. international intrigue
    Why Is the White House Pretending Obama Didn’t Bow?This will only make things worse.
  22. international intrigue
    What Actually Got Done at the G20?More than usual, it turns out. But was it enough?
  23. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Has Her Own Species of TulipWho knew?!
  24. international intrigue
    Obama Prepares to Enter the Lion’s DenHis counterparts at the G20 are going to be a handful.
  25. scenes from a meltdown
    ‘Financial Fool’s Day’ Protesters Attack London Banks With Fruit, Light Sabers, and Their Bare HandsOn the eve of the G20 summit, crowds of people have taken to the streets in London for what one anarchist group called “Financial Fool’s Day.”