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  1. photo op
    World Leaders Take Most Menacing G8 Group Photo EverWe hear scary opera music. 
  2. spy games
    G20 Summit Spying Tradition ConfirmedBy The Guardian, with help from Edward Snowden.
  3. politics
    Obama Pulls G8 Switcheroo on Chicago, ProtestersThe meeting will be at Camp David instead.
  4. the bush years
    Who Poisoned the Bushes in 2007?Somebody, says Laura Bush!
  5. international intrigue
    G8 Photo Girl Will Never Wear a Dress AgainHer upset parents reveal embarrassing secrets about their 17-year-old daughter.
  6. international intrigue
    Obama Maybe Not As Pervy As AdvertisedHe maybe wasn’t checking out that girl’s butt. Sarkozy definitely was, though.