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  1. 2019 special elections
    Republicans Hang Onto Bright-Red N.C. Congressional District and Trump GloatsTrump is taking credit, but the narrow win by Republican Dan Bishop in a special congressional election is not necessarily a good sign for 2020.
  2. A Special Showdown in Trump CountryRepublican Rick Saccone should still be the favorite in this heavily Republican district in Pennsylvania, but Democrat Conor Lamb could pull an upset.
  3. 6 Takeaways From the Very Special Election in GeorgiaDemocrats again outperformed historical markers — but disappointed those looking for a breakthrough. What does that mean for 2018?
  4. Republicans Win Georgia’s Special Election, Democrats Search for a Moral VictoryBy dominating early voting and convincing GOP voters that her opponent was outside the mainstream, Karen Handel posted a comeback victory.
  5. Somebody Put Crude, Crazy Letters in Mailboxes in Karen Handel’s NeighborhoodThe most expensive House race in history just got weirder and more heated.
  6. Jon Ossoff Pulls Ahead in Polling As the GOP Tries to Link Him to Kathy GriffinThe nation’s most expensive House race just keeps getting pricier.
  7. With Obama Gone, Black Voting Drop-off a Real Problem for DemocratsThere is fresh evidence that African-American turnout sagged notably in 2016, and is not rebounding so far in 2017, either.
  8. In Most Expensive House Race Ever, Ossoff Takes the LeadPolling shows Democrat Jon Ossoff with a significant lead over Republican Karen Handel in Georgia’s special election. That defies conventional wisdom.
  9. Georgia’s Election on Track to Become Most Expensive House Race EverThe candidates have spent $14 million so far and heavy punches aren’t even being thrown yet.
  10. Ossoff Race Shows Democratic Turnout at Levels Needed for Midterm WaveAn analysis of Georgia’s special election shows Democrats turning out more than Republicans — which is unusual.
  11. 8 Key Facts About Georgia’s Special ElectionJon Ossoff created an unusual and telling moment in American politics. Also: Don’t count him out yet.
  12. Trump Warns Georgians That Ossoff Will Take ‘Your Money and Your Safety’The president’s last-minute robocall aims to turn out Republicans for Tuesday’s special election. But it may have backfired.
  13. It’s White-Knuckle Time in Georgia for Tomorrow’s Red-Hot Special ElectionCan Democrat Jon Ossoff steal a seat from the Republicans? It’s looking like a coin toss.