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  1. 2016 rnc
    Scenes From Cleveland on Day 3 of the RNCPlus, Ted Cruz.
  2. 2016 rnc
    Protesters Burn an American Flag Outside the RNCDemonstrators also clashed with police.
  3. gallery
    Scenes From Cleveland on Day 2 of the Republican National ConventionProtests continued as Donald Trump officially became the nominee.
  4. gallery
    Scenes From Cleveland on Day One of the Republican National ConventionPeople voiced their opinions on Trump all around town.
  5. gallery
    Donald Trump, the Muse: How 6 Artists Are Capturing the GOP CandidateThe GOP candidate has inspired a lot of art. 
  6. A Record-breaking Wildfire in Canada Forces an Entire Town to EvacuateA blaze in Fort McMurray, in Alberta, is believe to be the largest in the province’s history. 
  7. stand clear of the closing doors
    See Manspreading Ads From Around the WorldA study in subway etiquette across states and borders.
  8. gallery
    Scenes From a Sanders Rally in New YorkHardly a baby boomer in sight.
  9. gallery
    Body Paint and Phone Banks: Scenes From the Last Campaign Weekend in N.H.A weekend at Bernie’s (and Jeb’s, and Hillary’s, and Ted’s, and the Donald’s). 
  10. Photos: On the Campaign Trail in Iowa and N.H.A glimpse at the Republican routes in early voting states.
  11. the environment
    Bolivia’s Second-Largest Lake Is Now a WastelandIt has basically disappeared. 
  12. gallery
    Manhattan’s West Side Piers, Back When They Were Naked and Gay Photographs by Alvin Baltrop, many NSFW.
  13. gallery
    Dogs With GoPros: What New York City Looks Like From a Pooch’s Point of ViewA photo experiment.
  14. life in pictures
    A Day With Cabinet Secretary Julián CastroPhotographer Mark Peterson followed the former San Antonio mayor for our latest edition of “Life in Pictures.”
  15. pope francis
    How New York City Celebrated Pope Francis’s VisitScenes from the crowds near the 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, and East Harlem. 
  16. twindergarten!
    Gallery: The 11 Sets of Twins Attending One Long Island KindergartenOf the 191 students this year at Lynbrook Kindergarten Center, 22 of them are twins.
  17. gallery
    How Has Chinatown Stayed Chinatown?Against all odds, an ethnic monolith still exists within the most gentrified island on Earth. In part because of these 21 people.
  18. gallery
    Inside Battery Park’s Trippy New SeaGlass CarouselBattery Conservancy president Warrie Price shows off the park’s ride, opening today.
  19. gallery
    Scenes From a Packed Donald Trump Rally at a New Hampshire High SchoolAbout 2,000 people came to see the “celebrity of the Republican Party.”
  20. diplomacy
    In Iran, People Are Literally Dancing in the Streets Over the Nukes DealSafe to say, a much more ebullient reaction than the deal is getting in D.C.
  21. gallery
    The Triple-Digit Club: Meet 5 Centenarians Who Don’t Act Their Age“I swim every day! But only if the water is 90 degrees.”
  22. gallery
    The Prison in Dannemora Has a Bizarre, Fascinating History“I still think it’s one of the most astonishing institutions in the American prison world.”
  23. gallery
    See Portraits of New Yorkers Who Served in the Civil War150 years after they returned home.
  24. urban fauna
    Gallery: The Birders of Prospect Park, Out in Peak SeasonIt’s a prime stopover for North America’s most colorful birds returning from the tropics.
  25. gallery
    Photos of ’90s Newsstands Capture NYC NostalgiaPrincess Diana tabloid covers and ads for $2.50 packs of cigarettes.
  26. gallery
    ‘A City of Tenacious Ghosts’: A Glimpse at New York City’s Abandoned SpacesIn Abandoned NYC, Will Ellis collects his photographs of the city’s empty, rotting ruins.
  27. The Lusitania Takes Its Final, Fateful VoyageIt departed from Pier 54.
  28. gallery
    A Nepalese Photographer Captures Quake AftermathA survivor is also a documentarian.
  29. gallery
    The Unexpected Art of the MTA’s In-House PhotographerPatrick Cashin might have the most interesting job in all of transportation.
  30. photos
    Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Is Erupting for the First Time in More Than 4 DecadesPhotos of the eruption in southeastern Chile.
  31. gallery
    ‘I Heard Only Screams’: Syrian Migrants Come Ashore on a Deserted Greek IslandPhotos of 49 migrants who fled Syria and survived the dangerous boat ride to reach Europe.
  32. gallery
    ‘This Too Shall Pass’: The Ruins of Industrial GowanusBrooklyn’s ruins mesmerize.
  33. gallery
    Residents in New York’s Projects Turn the Camera Onto ThemselvesA new book, Project Lives,  features residents’ photos of everyday life in public housing.
  34. gallery
    Photographs: A Decade’s Worth of Toy Guns in AmericaThe seriousness of a child’s plaything.