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  1. joe biden
    Biden’s Approval Rating Goes UnderwaterBiden’s stretch of unobtrusive popularity is over for now, but he is in very good company as a president with net-negative approval ratings.
  2. death penalty
    Americans Are Souring on Capital Punishment. Will It Last?For the first time on record, Americans cite life imprisonment as their preferred punishment for people convicted of murder.
  3. impeachment
    Americans Far More Polarized on Impeachment Than in the PastDon’t count on rank-and-file Republicans to abandon Trump the way many abandoned Nixon.
  4. vision 2020
    Trump’s Approval Ratings Slump Once AgainThe low ceiling on Trump’s job approval numbers isn’t going away as the 2020 election approaches.
  5. impeachment
    Will Pushing for Impeachment Make It More Popular?There’s some evidence that impeachment proceedings against Nixon damaged his popularity, but it’s unclear if the same would happen to Trump today.
  6. vision 2020
    Trump’s Approval Rating Slumps Back to NormalAgain and again, it’s obvious Trump’s popularity just isn’t elastic, no matter what the economy is doing or special prosecutors have said.
  7. Trump Has Obama’s Reelection Numbers, But Not His ChancesClinton and Obama were popular before and after their bad midterms. We’ve not seen a popular Donald Trump so far.
  8. Trump’s Job Approval Is Underwater in 18 States He Carried in 2016A GOP president who can’t break 40 percent approval in Texas is in trouble.
  9. Global Poll Shows U.S. Prestige Plummeting Under TrumpThe disdain our “America First” president has for the rest of the world is being reciprocated.
  10. Trump’s Loss of Support Is Where He Can Least Afford ItAn analysis of approval data shows Trump struggling with college-educated white voters, and even with his blue-collar “base,” in battleground states.
  11. The Trump Era Is Starting to Depress Republicans, TooLast month, 58 percent of Republicans were satisfied with the direction of their country. Now, that figure is down to 41 percent.
  12. early and often
    Trump’s Approval-Rating Bump Vanishes in New PollThe president has tied his fourth-worst result in Gallup’s daily-tracking poll of his job approval among voters.
  13. Gallup: America Is More Socially Liberal Than It’s Ever BeenAmerica’s heathens lost the presidential battle, but they still won the culture war.
  14. Trump’s Abysmal Approval Ratings Set a New RecordGallup has never recorded numbers this low for a president so early in his first term.
  15. Poll: Americans Aren’t Very Confident Trump Can Handle PresidencyLess than half of Americans believe Trump will be able to handle an international crisis.
  16. Republicans Suddenly Think the Economy Is Getting BetterOne week ago, only 16 percent of Republicans thought economic conditions were getting better. Now, 49 percent do.
  17. Americans’ Respect for Police Surges to Near All-Time HighThe percentage of Americans who have a “great deal of respect” for the police jumped 12 points in 2016 — among nonwhites, that spike was even larger.
  18. not-so-secret admirers
    Hillary Clinton Tops Gallup’s Most Admired List for the Seventeenth TimeObama is the Most Admired man.
  19. politics
    Santorum Pulls Even With Romney in Two National PollsPew poll shows that Obama would trounce either in a general election.
  20. approval rating
    Poll: Obama Job-Approval Rating RisesMore people approve of Obama’s job than disapprove for the first time since last summer.
  21. polls
    Support for the Death Penalty Is at a 39-Year LowDespite the conclusions you might have drawn from watching the audience at recent GOP debates.
  22. discuss amongst yourselves
    Can You Have an ‘Unfavorable’ Opinion of Martin Luther King Jr. and Not Be a Racist?That’s how 4 percent of Americans feel.
  23. it’s science
    The Happiest Man in America Is an Elderly Hawaiian JewMakes perfect sense.
  24. oh congress!
    Congress Somehow Manages to Get More UnpopularOnly 13 percent of Americans approve of how Congress is handling its job, a record low in the poll’s 35-year history.
  25. early and often
    People Really Do Not Want to Vote for Democrats This YearThe GOP has its best showing in Gallup’s generic ballot poll since 1942.
  26. god hates pundits
    Muslims Like Barack Obama Even Though He Eats During RamadanNo big love from Mormons, though.
  27. ground zero mosque
    The Ground Zero Mosque: For Every Reaction, There’s an Equal and Opposite ReactionaryPelosi and Dean disagree, and more people weigh in.
  28. polls and the politicians who pretend not to read them
    Gallup Chief Thinks Robert Gibbs Should Care About Their Polls, ActuallyAfter Gibbs calls the poll “meaningless,” the organization fires back. Sort of.