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    New York Knicks v Boston Celtics
    The NBA Playoffs Are Going to Be So Much FunElectric stars, compelling narratives, smart new rules: Everything’s going the league’s way (except that pesky gambling scandal).
  2. oj simpson
    Thankfully, O.J. Simpson Was One of a KindOnly someone who straddled the fault lines of race, culture, and sports could have produced such a frenzied media spectacle.
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    Sacramento Kings v New York Knicks
    Jalen Brunson Is the Superstar Knicks Fans Have Been Waiting ForWith their most beloved player in ages leading the way, New York is positioned for a highly enjoyable playoff run.
  4. games
    LSU v Iowa
    Who You Should Root for in the Final Four (Not UConn)As women’s college basketball takes center stage, a guide to the last stages of both tournaments.
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    We Don’t Know Shohei Ohtani, and That’s Not Helping HimAs he navigates a strange gambling scandal, the Dodgers megastar is learning the costs of evading media scrutiny.
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    They’re Still Trying to Ruin March MadnessSports execs’ latest brilliant idea: Get rid of the Cinderella teams that make the tournament so great.
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    New York Jets v New England Patriots
    Aaron Rodgers Would Probably Regret Getting Into PoliticsThe attention-loving conspiracist has faced a compliant sports press. That would change if he landed on a ticket with RFK Jr.
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    NBA: Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers
    Unlike MJ, LeBron Is Ending His Career With DignityHe’s still playing at a high level and doesn’t seem too bothered about his team’s mediocrity.
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    Elon Musk at the World Cup final in Qatar
    The Slow, Painful Death of Sports TwitterWhat was once an essential and joyous gathering place has become a wasteland under Elon Musk.
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    Women’s Sports Are About to ExplodeTranscendent stars, eager fanbases, and media interest point to an unprecedented surge in popularity.
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    A Super Bowl That Went From Dud to DynamiteOn football’s biggest stage, a terrific ending mostly made up for hours of mediocrity.
  12. games
    The Deep Blandness of Las Vegas Before the Super BowlA city that has sanded off its rough edges is a perfect fit for the NFL’s biggest day.
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    Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions Were Right to Trust MathSome football Luddites are embracing the same dumb mind-set that baseball overcame decades ago.
  14. games
    6 Things We Learned From the NFL’s Season of SwiftDon’t like all those luxury-box cutaways? Get used to them.
  15. games
    Who You Should Root for in the NFL Playoffs (Not the Bucs)There are multiple tortured franchises to choose from this year.
  16. games
    Victorious, Villainous Michigan Is College Football’s FutureThe national championship winners offer a TV-ready blueprint to the media executives who run the sport.
  17. games
    How Michigan Became College Football’s VillainThe once-likable team’s maniacal quest for a title — they’re now one game away — has made them hard to root for.
  18. games
    The 10 Biggest Sports Stories of 2023From NCAA conference chaos to a shocking golf announcement, it felt like sports was heading into unpredictable territory this year.
  19. games
    The 7 Most Important Athletes of 2023Gauff makes the leap, Biles returns to form, and Kelce gets the girl.
  20. games
    Shohei Ohtani Is My Favorite Athlete, But Paying Him $700 Million Is BonkersWhat makes him so special as a baseball player is exactly why it’s unlikely he’ll be able to keep doing it for much longer.
  21. games
    The 10 Worst Things About the Florida State TravestyThe College Football Playoff committee really, really screwed this one up.
  22. games
    Michigan Won At All Costs and Your Team Would TooScandals be damned; just by defeating Ohio State on Saturday, the team prevailed over its critics.
  23. games
    Bill Belichick Is About to Get Fired, and Nobody CaresOnce considered the greatest NFL coach of all time, after a string of losing seasons, Bill Belichick is a legend without a constituency.
  24. games
    The Wembanyama Era Has Begun and the NBA May Never Be the SameThe immediate jaw-dropping dominance of the teenage seven-foot-four rookie redefines what’s possible for the sport.
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    What Money Can’t Buy Steve CohenThe billionaire hedge-funder is used to getting what he wants. His time as Mets owner and casino bidder is a whole different ballgame.
  26. games
    What Happened to College Basketball?The sport, already fading in relevance, is paying a big price for being second fiddle to football.
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    Banning Palestinian Flags Is Just the BeginningProfessional sports is trying to back away from politics. Good luck with that.
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    The NBA’s Player Empowerment Era Is OverAs a new season begins, the league’s stars don’t quite have free rein anymore.
  29. games
    Travis Kelce Is the NFL’s Taylor SwiftUnlike a lot of athlete-celebrity couplings, this one makes sense.
  30. the media
    Shams Charania’s Scoop DreamsHe tweeted his way to the top of the NBA reporting world. He might be the future of sports journalism.
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    Pete Rose Remembers the Biggest Postseason Brawl in Baseball History“You know how many second basemen or shortstops I knocked on their ass in my career?”
  32. games
    Baseball’s Magnificent, Transformative SeasonAs the playoffs loom, 2023 has already been an unqualified success for a sport that finally embraced change.
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    The Knicks Are Being Smart About Their Future, and It’s BizarreThe long-dysfunctional franchise has, for once, gone about building a team the right way.
  34. the group portrait
    Give the Liberty Their CrownHow New York’s WNBA team became the hottest ticket — with the rowdiest crowd — in town.
  35. games
    The Deion Sanders Hype Train Is Probably About to DerailAnd that’s a good thing for college football.
  36. games
    This Might Be the End of Aaron RodgersAfter injuring himself four plays in, the aging star rendered the Jets — and possibly himself — irrelevant.
  37. games
    A Death on the Field Couldn’t Stop the NFL NowThe league is at a point where it can weather any problem, no matter how grotesque.
  38. games
    College Football’s Sad Last DanceEnjoy one final season before everything turns upside down.
  39. games
    The Michael Oher Story Has Always Been ComplicatedThe film that purported to portray his life was terribly flawed – and now there’s a reckoning.
  40. games
    There’s No Such Thing As a Good Sports-Team OwnerFans should aspire to ignore them and all their buzz-killing drama.
  41. games
    No Wonder Athletes Are Shutting Up About PoliticsWho needs seemingly half the country rejoicing in your defeat?
  42. the group portrait
    U.S. Women’s Soccer Fans Are Having a Moment“I’m overstimulated.”
  43. games
    Aaron Rodgers Really Wants to Be Liked AgainEver since he joined the Jets, the anti-COVID-vaxx conspiracy theorist has dialed down the nuttiness.
  44. games
    U.S. Women’s Soccer Doesn’t Have to Fight Trump AnymoreAs they try for a third straight World Cup win, an American team that has vanquished all foes no longer needs a special story line.
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    Please Let Shohei Ohtani Play for a Team That Doesn’t SuckThe Angels are once again squandering historic talent, but hopefully not for much longer.
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    Lance Armstrong Is Setting New World Records for GallThe disgraced cyclist is trying, absurdly, to position himself as a cancel-culture victim.
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    The Mets Stink, But Their Future Actually Looks BrightNot that their fatalistic fan base wants to hear it right now.
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    Messi to Miami Shows That Major League Soccer Has ArrivedYes, the Argentine megastar will get paid handsomely, but there’s more to his decision than that.
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    The Big Sports-Gambling Scandal Might Have Already HappenedIncoherent rules around betting on games have created an atmosphere ripe for misbehavior.
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    The PGA Never Had Any Principles to Begin WithThe league briefly took the moral high ground against its Saudi-backed rival — then suddenly cashed out.
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