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  1. Like Most of 2016, NYC’s New Year’s Eve Security Plan Includes Garbage ElementSand-filled garbage trucks will help protect us.
  2. the fifth estate
    Dead-Tree Media Is Useful Again Now That You Can Compost in Newspaper BoxesIt was always fishwrap.
  3. bill de blasio’s new york
    Brooklyn Sidewalks Still Full of Dead Christmas TreesThe humanity!
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Papa Smurf’ and Friends Arrested in Mob BustThe FBI picked up 32 people in a sweep of the garbage industry.
  5. stupid and or genius ideas
    An Artist Is Making Lots of Money Selling Genuine New York City GarbageOf course he is.
  6. class warfare
    Upper East Siders Want to Keep the Trash OutResidents don’t want the city to reactivate a waste-transfer station.
  7. it’s their city now
    MTA Using In-Service Subways Cars to Transport Rat-Filled Garbage Bags“A rat could jump out right on top of you.”
  8. photo op
    Here Is the Saddest Pile of Garbage You’ll Ever SeeSorry.
  9. furriners
    Hopefully Record Number of Tourists Left New York Before It Became Garbage Town, USASo many tourists.
  10. snomg
    The Snow Taketh Life, and the Snow Giveth LifeThe circle of life, snowstorm style.
  11. the morning line
    Ground Zero Claims Two More • Two firefighters died Saturday in a blaze in the abandoned Deutsche Bank building adjacent to ground zero. The pair “walked into a horror show,” as Spitzer put it, when they met a maze of protective polyurethane sheets that may have made the fire harder to fight. [amNY]
  12. intel
    Giving Our Junk Mail a Second Chance Like most journalists, we are fairly regularly inundated with PR materials for various products, services, and, especially, books. Like most journalists, we give these things a quick once-over, realize they have nothing to do with anything we ever write about, and promptly toss all the packing, and all of the press releases, and all of the accompanying background material, and the sturdy folder all that paper came in, into the trash — or, if we’re feeling responsible and industrious, into the recycling. Sometimes we hang on to the product itself, often we toss it on a free-stuff table, and occasionally we throw it out, too. Which we were about to do yesterday with a set of books that arrived unbidden and irrelevantly on our desk — until we noticed the titles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Composting, Water, and Energy. At which point we laughed a little bit, and then we threw them out.
  13. intel
    Best Junk Mail Ever We were throwing out junk mail the other day when we noticed the return address on one of the postcards. It promptly became our favorite piece of junk mail ever. Related: NYCWasteLe$$ [NYC.gov]