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Garrison Keillor

  1. lake wobegon
    Garrison Keillor to Retire in 2013Good-bye, Lake Wobegon.
  2. party lines
    Meryl Streep’s First Shining Moment: Paying Off Her Student LoansPlus, why Garrison Keillor rewrote his movie ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ so that Streep could perform her role in a wheelchair.
  3. gossipmonger
    Rich Little, Not So Funny! Who Knew?Karl Rove got into a fight with Sheryl Crow and Laurie David at the White House Correspondents Association dinner Saturday night. Also at the dinner: Eliot Spitzer got Sanjaya Malakar’s autograph, and host Richard Little bombed. And Antonin Scalia chatted up blogger Ana Marie Cox at Christopher Hitchens’s after-party. James Carville owns several guns. Chevy Chase was mentally and physically abused as a child, according to an upcoming biography. Keith McNally is still at his street campaign against the giant Hotel Gansevoort billboard. Cynthia Nixon is still holding out hope for a Sex and the City movie. The widow of Dr. Robert Atkins is trying to remove trustees of his estate because they sued her for back pay.