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  1. vision 2020
    Libertarians Decide to Become a Joke in 2020With a ticket composed of an obscure party stalwart and a performance artist, they probably won’t draw many votes from major parties in November.
  2. vision 2020
    Will Justin Amash’s Presidential Bid Help or Hurt Trump?His effect on the outcome in November may depend on his home state of Michigan.
  3. vision 2020
    The Coronavirus Might Force Minor Parties Off the 2020 BallotIt’s tough to collect petitions during a pandemic, so it’s unclear whether Libertarians, Greens, or others will matter in November.
  4. vision 2020
    Will the Greens and Libertarians Affect the 2020 Election?Fears about third-party candidates persist, but it’s doubtful that they gave Trump the win, and we can expect fewer “protest” votes in 2020.
  5. politics
    Gary Johnson, Professional Spoiler, Jumps Into New Mexico’s Senate RateThe election was thought to be in the bag for the Democratic incumbent, Senator Martin Heinrich, but the Libertarian’s entry could make waves.
  6. No One Should Rule Out a Trump Reelection in 2020As in 2016, Trump’s most important asset in 2020 could be a surprisingly vulnerable Democratic opponent.
  7. WATCH: Here’s the Actual Data on How Third-Party Candidates Affect ElectionsIt tells an unexpected story.
  8. Right on Schedule, Gary Johnson’s Poll Numbers Are CrashingIt’s now official — there will be no libertarian moment in 2016.
  9. last night on late night
    John Oliver Examines the 3rd-Party CandidatesThe problems from Jill Stein’s music career to Gary Johnson’s erotic-mountain talk.
  10. Gary Johnson Declines to Name Leader of North KoreaHe’s through with foreign-policy pop quizzes from the media.
  11. early and often
    Libertarian VP Candidate Gives Up, Will Focus on Preventing Trump PresidencyHe claims he still supports running mate Gary Johnson, but he’s essentially working to elect Hillary Clinton.
  12. Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Mini-MomentThe party is on pace to have by far its best election ever. But does that actually mean much?
  13. Presidential Candidate Touts Inability to Name a Foreign Leader He RespectsAt an MSNBC town hall, Gary Johnson revealed that he cannot, off the top of his head, name a single foreign leader. Now he’s bragging about it.
  14. early and awkward
    Gary Johnson Can’t Name Single World Leader in Self-Described ‘Aleppo Moment’Smart idea: Cover by reminding everyone of your last terrible gaffe.
  15. Maybe Millennials Think Clinton’s Already Won. She Hasn’t.The good news for Clinton is that if Millennials figure out she’s in trouble, they will be much less likely to stay home or defect to a minor party.
  16. What’s Gary Johnson Doing With His Tongue?We are all Kasie Hunt.
  17. 5th-Party Candidate Calls 3rd-Party Candidate ‘Not Serious’Even in the sideshow of minor-party politics, Gary Johnson and his Libertarians are a lot more “serious” than Evan McMullin’s #NeverTrumpers.
  18. Gary Johnson Asks the Tough Question on Syria: ‘What Is Aleppo?’The Libertarian candidate gives voice to the countless Americans who cannot recognize the name of the besieged Syrian city.
  19. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Wants Gary Johnson in the Debates, But Not Enough to Help Him Get ThereHe still won’t endorse the Libertarian ticket.
  20. Minor-Party Candidates Unlikely to Have Major Effect on the Presidential RaceSupporters of Johnson and Stein are less likely to vote, and mostly would split between the major-party candidates if forced to choose.
  21. Gary Johnson Offends the State of Utah by Suggesting That Mormons Are MurderersIt’s a state where the Libertarian candidate could even do well — if he smartens up.
  22. Libertarian Candidate Tries to Get Mitt Romney to ‘Feel the Johnson’Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson tells CNN that he’s in discussion with the 2012 GOP standard-bearer over a possible endorsement.
  23. These People Are Voting for a 3rd PartyEven if it leads to a Trump presidency.
  24. early and often
    Gary Johnson: Cruz Endorsed Me, Didn’t He?What rhymes with “vote your conscience”? Gary Johnson, sort of!
  25. early and often
    New Poll Shows Clinton With Double-Digit Lead Over Trump and JohnsonThere’s fresh evidence of Clinton regaining her earlier robust lead over Trump, this time with Libertarian Gary Johnson in the mix.
  26. encounter
    Gary Johnson Takes His #NeverTrump Pitch to Times Square“People see the light, sooner or later. I have faith in the American public.”
  27. early and often
    Gary Johnson Wins the Libertarian Party’s Presidential NominationThe biggest official third party in America expects to attract voters who are unhappy with this year’s major-party options.
  28. Libertarian Candidate Could Figure Big in Nov.Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson could become the #NeverTrump choice, muddling the electoral map.
  29. reddit
    Gary Johnson to Reddit: Don’t Shoot the WikiLeaks MessengerBradley Manning, however …
  30. master debaters
    Video: The Best, Worst, and Craziest Moments of the GOP Presidential Primary DebatesWe watched 50-something hours of debates, so you don’t have to.
  31. the national interest
    Third-Party Candidates Line UpThe question isn’t whether a third-party candidate will impact the 2012 elections, but how many of them will.
  32. early and often
    Johnson to Seek Libertarian Party Nomination He will make the announcement on December 28 in Santa Fe.
  33. master debaters
    How Buddy Roemer and Gary Johnson Spent Last Night’s DebateExactly as you’d expect.
  34. early and awesome
    Gary Johnson Holds an Online Town Hall With Pagan Media Outlets“This whole campaign is about talking to anyone who will listen.”
  35. master debaters
    Jon Huntsman Might Not Be Invited to the Next CNN DebateOuch.
  36. master debaters
    Gary Johnson Joke Even Less Original Than Initially RealizedIt’s been floating around for about two years now.
  37. master debaters
    Video: The Fox News–Google Debate in Three MinutesPerry imagines if Gingrich and Cain mated. Plus, Gary Johnson’s dog poop joke.
  38. master debaters
    Fox News Will Let Gary Johnson DebateJohnson is usually ignored.
  39. fun-raising
    Gary Johnson Asks Poker Players to Make a Bet They’re Absolutely Going to LoseWhy would poker players make this bet?
  40. video
    The 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Are Pretty Much the Same PersonOr at least that’s what you’d think from watching their campaign announcements.
  41. masterdebaters
    Video: The First 2012 Republican Presidential Debate in Under 4 MinutesJust 550 days to go ‘til election day.
  42. masterdebaters
    What You Missed in the Primary Season’s First Republican DebateThe mosts, the bests, and the awkward.
  43. masterdebaters
    Tim Pawlenty Takes a Seat at the Loser TableWhy participating in tomorrow’s debate might be a bad idea.
  44. early and awesome
    Guy Who Backs Abortion, Pot Legalization, and Gay Rights Running for GOP NominationFormer New Mexico governor Gary Johnson announced that he’s running for president.
  45. republican woodstock
    What You Need to Know About CPACThe gay controversy, the Palin controversy, the presidential horse race, and more.