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Gas Prices

  1. explainer
    What We Know About the Colonial Pipeline ShutdownThe pipeline is now flowing as of 5 p.m. on Wednesday, though the company says it will take several days for supply to return to normal.
  2. Oil Falls After Trump Scolds OPEC For Raising PricesThis may be the first time that the president has prioritized the interests of the American public over those of the fossil fuel industry.
  3. Will the Economy Save Trump and His Party?So much of this presidency is a mess that the idea of him or the GOP making a comeback seems far-fetched. But then there’s the economy.
  4. pump it up
    Gas Prices Fall for Fifth Straight WeekAh, the smell of $3.79-per-gallon gasoline.
  5. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Pretends He Is Not Also Filthy RichHe attacked Mitt Romney’s wealth again. 
  6. people who are unsatisfied with the current state of gasoline
    Jimmy McMillan Apparently Done Caring About the RentHe’s more concerned with gas prices now.
  7. economy
    The Economy Grew at a Rate of 1.8 Percent Last Quarter, Slower Than ExpectedBut Obama released his birth certificate!
  8. early and often
    Obama: ‘It’s Like These Guys Take Pride in Being Ignorant.’Obama responds to the tire-gauge mocking campaign. But is it a slam dunk?
  9. early and often
    Obama Thinks Offshore Drilling Might Not Be So Bad After AllThough Obama would surely rather be discussing energy policy than his similarities to vacuous socialites, his new approach to gas prices may not be a political winner.
  10. early and often
    Gas-Tax Holiday: Ominous Preview of a Clinton or McCain Presidency?Barack Obama: “This isn’t an idea designed to get you through the summer. It’s designed to get them through an election.” As it turns out, though, most pundits agree.