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Gay Marriage

  1. equal rites
    Judge Strikes Down Virginia’s Gay Marriage BanThough the weddings can’t start just yet.
  2. equal rites
    Justice Dept. to Give Gay Couples Equal RightsThat means the right to decline to testify against a spouse and to file for bankruptcy together.
  3. equal rites
    Virginia Attorney General Supports Gay MarriageA change of course.
  4. early and awkward
    Gohmert: Marriage Judges Need ‘Plumbing Lesson’ The Texas congressman opened his big mouth again.
  5. equal rites
    United States Will Recognize Marriages of Utah’s Same-Sex Newlyweds The state will not.
  6. equal rites
    Supreme Court Stops Gay Marriage in Utah for NowThe state’s decision is on pause during an appeal.
  7. equal rites
    Utah Better Get Used to the Idea of Gay Marriage, Like, NowAnother federal judge struck down another ban.
  8. equal rites
    Cardinal Dolan Says Catholic Church Has Been ‘Out-Marketed’ on Gay Marriage “It’s a tough battle.”
  9. family feuds
    Just to Clarify, Mary Cheney Is ‘Not Supporting’ Her Sister’s Candidacy“I’m registered in Virginia not Wyoming.” Burn.
  10. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Is Legal in Illinois Now, TooThe sixteenth state to make it so.
  11. gay marriage
    Dick and Lynne Cheney Basically Take Liz’s Side in Gay-Marriage DisputeAwkward family dispute gets more awkward. 
  12. Liz Cheney Still Doesn’t Believe in Gay MarriageSo Mary called her out on Facebook.
  13. equal rites
    Illinois Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Gay MarriagePresident Obama says he’s “overjoyed.”
  14. equal rites
    Chris Christie Celebrating First Day of N.J. Gay Marriage by Calling Off AppealRINO!
  15. equal rites
    Gay Marriages Are On for Monday in New JerseyThe state’s highest court says go for it.
  16. jesus christie
    Christie Will Remain Anti-Gay Marriage, Even If His Child Comes OutFair warning to his four kids.
  17. equal rites
    Republicans Still Comparing Gay Marriage to IncestThis time, Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania.
  18. equal rites
    George H.W. Bush Served As Witness at a Lesbian WeddingWith the exception of W., the Bushes seem fine with gay marriage.
  19. the supremes
    Antonin Scalia Thinks Gay People Are an Invented Minority He’s still not into gay marriage.
  20. lost causes
    California Court Rejects Last-Ditch Effort to Reinstate Marriage-Banning Prop 8Seriously, it’s over.
  21. equal rites
    Larry Kramer Got Married in His Hospital BedCongrats.
  22. equal rites
    Gay Spouses Are Getting an Estate Tax Refund From New York Thanks to the recent Supreme Court case.
  23. equal rites
    Pennsylvania Sued Over Gay-Marriage BanThe ACLU quotes from the Supreme Court’s recent decision.
  24. fox news
    Bill O’Reilly Flips Out Over Gay-Marriage Ruling“B.S.!”
  25. equal rites
    After DOMA: Gay Couples Look to the FutureThere’s much to be done, from financial planning to immigration paperwork.
  26. equal rites
    The U.S. Has Approved Its First Green Card for a Gay SpouseDays ahead of schedule.
  27. equal rites
    DOMA Decision Convinced New Yorkers to Make It Official Marriages jumped the day after.
  28. equal rites
    Scenes From the Post-DOMA Celebration at the Stonewall Inn“It just feels like a breath of relief.”
  29. equal rites
    Iconic Gay-Rights Moments Through the YearsA look back.
  30. equal rites
    Nancy Pelosi Owns Michele Bachmann on Gay Marriage“Who cares?”
  31. the supremes
    Justice Scalia Knew This Was Going to HappenHe warned us about “the so-called homosexual agenda” in his sodomy dissent ten years ago.
  32. the national interest
    Gay-Marriage Foes Going Through Stages of Grief“Predicting legalized animal sex” is not one of the stages.
  33. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Gay Marriage Triumphs, Roberts Be DamnedThe chief justice is no match for history.
  34. the supremes
    Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Passes on Prop 8Both by 5–4 votes.
  35. homophobes
    Anti–Gay Marriage March Draws a Huge Crowd in FranceAround 150,000 people attended.
  36. equal rites
    Delaware Getting In on Gay-Marriage TrendThe state becomes the eleventh to pass marriage equality.
  37. equal rites
    Rhode Island Will Allow Gay MarriageThat makes ten states.
  38. equal rites
    Will the Push to Include Gay Couples Kill Immigration Reform?Marco Rubio says yes.
  39. equal rites
    Rhode Island Is About to Become the Tenth State to Legalize Gay MarriageWith help from a few Republican state senators.
  40. equal rites
    New Zealand Becomes Thirteenth Country to Legalize Gay MarriageHooray. 
  41. equal rites
    Mary Landrieu Supports Gay Marriage in the Only Way That MattersShe supports it personally.
  42. equal rites
    A Majority of the Senate Now Supports Gay MarriageFlorida Democrat Bill Nelson evolves.
  43. shut up dude
    Jeremy Irons Draws Squiggly Line Between Gay Marriage and Incest“Could a father not marry his son?”
  44. equal rites
    Ronald Reagan Is the Latest Republican to Support Gay MarriageAccording to his daughter, Patti Davis.
  45. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Mark Sanford Defeats the Bible ThumpersLook who doesn’t support traditional marriage.
  46. early and awkward
    Gohmert: Gun Control Is Like Bestiality Because Gay Marriage, Or SomethingThis guy again.
  47. equal rites
    The Next Five Republican Senators to Endorse Gay MarriageOur educated guesses.
  48. gay marriage
    Cardinal Dolan Scolds Church’s Marriage DefenseIt’s a tough sell.
  49. equal rites
    Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski May Support Gay Marriage … SomedayBut not today.
  50. church politics
    Falwell’s College Goes Quiet on Gay MarriageThe world’s largest evangelical university bows out of the debate of the moment.
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