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  1. Jared Kushner Says Gaza Protesters Are ‘Part of the Problem’His remark was edited out of an official White House transcript.
  2. Israeli Military Kills Three, Wounds Hundreds More at Gaza BorderThe killings come as the U.N. criticizes Israel’s “excessive force” against demonstrators.
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    Hamas May Not Have Kidnapped Israeli TeensInstead, it was some guys acting as a rogue “lone cell.”
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    United Nations: ‘Strong Possibility’ of War Crimes by Both Israel and HamasThe UN will investigate, despite a vote against it by the U.S.
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    Hamas Claims It Captured an Israeli SoldierBut Israel denies it.
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    At Least 80 Palestinians Dead After Israel Expands Ground Assault [Updated]Thirteen Israelis also died in the fighting.
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    Dozens Already Dead in Gaza: A Rough TimelineAt least 27 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier have been killed.
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    NBC Reporter Pulled From Gaza After Beach AttackWas his firsthand coverage seen as too anti-Israel?
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    Israel-Gaza Cease-Fire Could Still Happen, Just Not on TwitterA potential deal is still alive, according to officials in the region.
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    Israel Says It Might Invade the Gaza Strip to Save Its Summer Vacation “To the best of my understanding, it is not possible to ensure summer vacation, a normal summer for our kids, without a ground operation in Gaza.”
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    Israel Increases Air Strikes on Gaza, Prepares for Ground OffensiveIt’s also preparing for the first ground offensive since 2009.
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    Despite Calls for ‘Maximum Restraint,’ Fighting Intensifies in GazaAnd the IDF continues tweeting.
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    Egypt Will Permanently Reopen Its Border With the Gaza StripJust wait ‘til Israel finds out about this.