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  1. this is how not to pay taxes
    Apple’s Tax Guys Are Better Than YoursThe company paid just 9.8 percent on its overall profits. 
  2. business ethics
    GE Still Not Going to Pay Taxes, AP Correction ClarifiesThey’ve been hoaxed!
  3. my what big loopholes you have
    G.E.’s Tax Bill for 2010 Was Negative $3.2 BillionFormer officials from the Treasury, IRS, and congressional tax-writing committees help show them how.
  4. john heilemann
    Morning Joe: Heilemann on Baby Boomers and GE’s Jeff Immelt’New York’ columnist John Heilemann appeared on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ to discuss the looming baby-boom time bomb’s effect on entitlement programs and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt’s new gig as head of the president’s economy panel.
  5. photo op
    President Obama Examines John Boehner’s New Tanning Bed at GE FactoryJokes!
  6. white house the new class
    GE’s CEO Now Dominates Energy, Television, and Obama’s Economic Advisory BoardObama replaces Volcker with GE’s Jeffrey Immelt.
  7. television-stained wretches
    Expect More Kabletown Jokes On 30 RockThe FCC’s chairman proposes approving the Comcast-NBC deal.
  8. O’Reilly Also Defies Overlords, Goes After GEAnd everything, thankfully, is back to normal.
  9. racial gaffes
    GE Flacks Take to Jossip Comment Board to Dispute Jeff Immelt Racism KerfuffleDid Immelt say he was only comfortable around white men and women? We’ll never know, because nobody is addressing this seriously.
  10. company town
    There May Be a Day When Port Authority Is Nice to Look AtWe know, we know — dare to dream, right? But there are proposals to build above it, and the renderings look lovely. Plus, news from the finance, law, real estate and media industries, in our daily roundup.
  11. company town
    Karl Rove to Finally Profit From Professional Secret-KeepingMEDIA • Here come the NBC News pay cuts: Jeff Zucker plans to slash anywhere between $20 and $40 million, including an entire level of MSNBC management. And thanks to the writers’ strike and fears of recession, future cuts may only get worse. [NYP] • Karl Rove may be offered $3 million for a memoir, in which we may find out how much he got in exchange for his soul. [NYP] • At least one person thinks the press did a heckuva job in reporting the lead-up to the Iraq war — former top White House communications adviser Dan Bartlett. [NYO]
  12. company town
    GE Wants In on the Dow Jones ActionMEDIA • GE and Pearson, the parents of NBC and the Financial Times, are considering a rival bid for Dow Jones. [NYT] • Quadrangle Group bought Dennis Publishing for $240 million and is courting editorial talent. [WWD] • Demand for ad space pushes Page Six up to three pages. [NYT]