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  1. conservatism
    White House: We May End Electric Car Subsidies to Punish GM, Protect Free MarketThe White House says electric car subsidies must end because GM closed some factories – and because the government shouldn’t pick winners and losers.
  2. general motors
    Self-Driving Cars Are the Future. Jobs in Auto Manufacturing Are Not.The future looks bright for GM’s self-driving division, especially after GM cut 14,700 jobs and $6 billion in costs. For autoworkers? Not so much.
  3. the national interest
    Trump Threatening GM Over Its Plant Closure Is the Real ‘Gangster Government’Trump has spent his brief political career systematically exposing the bad faith of every complaint Republicans made against Barack Obama.
  4. Lyft to Test Driverless Cars in 2017, So Make Peace With Your God NowThe future is closer than you think.
  5. consumer watchdog
    Ralph Nader Interview: On General MotorsThe longtime consumer advocate on the latest scandal in the auto industry.
  6. car trouble
    Review Links General Motors Defect to 303 DeathsThe company only linked 12 deaths to an ignition defect.
  7. car trouble
    Justice Department Eyes General Motors’ Long-Delayed Safety RecallOver a problem linked to 31 accidents and thirteen deaths.
  8. paul lyan
    Ryan Blames Obama for Factory That Closed in ’08“One more broken promise.”
  9. technology
    GM Dropping $10 Million in Facebook Ads Because They Don’t WorkThe company says the free corporate pages are good enough.
  10. smelling a rattner
    Steven Rattner: Andrew Cuomo Is Trying to Ruin My Life, Birthday“He has basically threatened me all along the way that if I don’t do what he wants me to do he will prosecute me to the ends of the earth, basically.”
  11. tarpies
    GM Just Set the Record for the Largest IPO in American HistoryIt expects to raise $23.1 billion.
  12. going public
    GM: Not A Bad Investment!It looks like the taxpayers might make money off the bailout.
  13. going public
    Socialist Overlords Prepare Schedule for the Sale of GMThe car giant is valued at $50 billion.
  14. money talks
    Bailed-Out Companies Throw Cash at Anti-Bailout CandidatesIt’s a logical move, like throwing tea off the side of the boat.
  15. auto asphyxiation
    GM’s Fritz Henderson to Spend More Time With His FamilyGM’s chairman quits under pressure, and someone claiming to be his daughter defends him on Facebook.
  16. the downturnaround
    We Like the New GM Ad and We’re Not Ashamed to Admit ItIt’s not fashionable to say anything nice about the American car companies, but Hugo Lindgren does not like the alternative.
  17. Condé Nast Is ‘Operating Like General Motors’And more grim news about the struggling media industry.
  18. bailouts
    GM and Chrysler Want $21.6 Billion MoreAfter that they’ll clean up. For real this time.