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  1. cityscape
    Eric Adams’s ‘Go Back to Iowa’ Is Intolerant — and IncoherentThe Brooklyn borough president implies that you’re not a New Yorker if you shop at chain stores. Tell it to the customers at your local Duane Reade.
  2. cityscape
    New Studies Say Gentrification Doesn’t Really Force Out Low-Income ResidentsIn part because it improves school integration, it may be better for lower-income residents than previously thought.
  3. real estate
    Can These Towns Become More Like Hudson Without Becoming Hudson?Newburgh, Catskill, and Troy, once downtrodden, are hoping recent revitalization doesn’t get out of hand.
  4. gallery
    How Has Chinatown Stayed Chinatown?Against all odds, an ethnic monolith still exists within the most gentrified island on Earth. In part because of these 21 people.
  5. gentrification
    Grim, Racist Methods of One Brooklyn LandlordHe explains the tricks he uses to get black renters — and even owners — out of their homes in gentrifying neighborhoods.
  6. real estate
    The Red Hot Rubble of East New YorkOne of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn is suddenly the focus of both private speculators and City Hall.
  7. real estate
    The Red-Hot Rubble of East New YorkOne of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn is suddenly the focus of both private speculators and City Hall, which wants to build thousands of units of affordable housing there — and by announcing its plans is fueling the land rush.
  8. decaf
    Brooklyn Coffee Shop Owner Posts Anti-Semitic Rants on Facebook, InstagramAnd then it got worse. 
  9. oh brooklyn
    Even Spike Lee’s Wife Teases Him About Kickstarting Gentrification in Brooklyn“This is because of you,” she says. (Humblebrag?)
  10. beef
    Spike Lee Still Going on Gentrification, Calls Michael Rapaport Stupid“Look, he’s not even a good filmmaker, first of all.”
  11. urban design
    What Bloomberg Associates Can Learn From Mexico CityBloomberg might fantasize about cleaning up the chaos, but he ought to study what’s already been accomplished.
  12. real estate
    Gentrification Is Coming for QueensSales are way up: “Queens is benefiting directly from Brooklyn’s success.”
  13. brooklyn’s finest
    Read Spike Lee’s Open Letter to the New York Times About GentrificationThe filmmaker takes on A.O. Scott in response to a Sunday column.
  14. San Francisco’s Hunters Point: A Wasteland Repaved“It’s like some people are still trapped in time as the scenery is changing.”
  15. gentrification
    ‘Gentrification in Progress’ at 5PointzStreet artists wrapped the former graffiti mecca in a giant banner.
  16. the wrong thing
    Vandals Graffiti Next to Spike Lee’s Old HouseAnd an anarchy symbol, of course.
  17. Spike Lee’s Amazing Rant Against Gentrification: ‘We Been Here!’Speaking in Brooklyn, the local filmmaker went off.
  18. neighborhood news
    New York City Gentrification in 5 GIFsSee how notable city corners have changed via Google Street View art.
  19. Is Gentrification All Bad? Justin Davidson Answers His CriticsThe debate continues.
  20. oh brooklyn
    Williamsburg Gentrification Especially Hard on Hip BabiesThe construction makes them cry.
  21. gentrification
    Why Developers Didn’t Destroy BrooklynTwo recent movies get it wrong.
  22. neighborhood news
    Gentrification, Stop-and-Frisk Collide in Crown HeightsAlmost twice the stops on one side of the neighborhood than the other.
  23. neighborhood news
    Ungentrified Brooklyn Has Mixed Feelings About Missing the Hipster InvasionCan we make “très Sheepshead Bay” happen?
  24. summertime
    Syringes, Medical Waste Tarnish the Girls-ification of Rockaway Beach “Bushwick on the Beach” still has some real edge.
  25. neighborhood watch
    Brooklyn Is Indeed Getting Way WhiterThe borough includes four of the 25 most whitened neighborhoods in the U.S. over the last ten years.
  26. neighborhood news
    Mormon Church Accused of Gentrifying HarlemA land sale is disappointing church members and neighbors alike.
  27. Mapping Gentrification Along the Marathon RouteMedian income is up, as is ethnic diversity.
  28. drugs
    Drug Dealers Increasingly Prefer to Operate in Gentrifying AreasTricky, tricky.
  29. gentrification
    Hot-Pink Partitions Threaten Brooklyn Walls, Sensibilities“They’ve basically desecrated this once-beautiful building.”
  30. neighborhood news
    In Brooklyn, College Kids Are the New HomelessIf it’s not one kind of vagrant it’s another.
  31. gentrification
    Rosie Perez Doesn’t Hate Gentrification, She Just Hates New-Brooklyn EntitlementIt’s different.
  32. neighborhood watch
    Parts of Brooklyn That Feel Richer and Whiter Really Are!One-fifth of black and Hispanic families have left the west-of-Prospect-Park area in seven years.
  33. neighborhood watch
    Debate Rages in Greenpoint Over Semiotics of Breast-FeedingA poster for a ‘Breast-Feeding Circle’ has set off a heated gentrification debate.
  34. neighborhood watch
    Carroll Gardens Woman Will See Nanny Brought to JusticeA busybody mom seeks punishment for a nanny she thinks left a kid unattended in Carroll Gardens, New York ‘Press’ commenters lose their lunch over a Harlem-gentrification story, and a snarky Greenpoint blogger goes soft, all in today’s neighborhood news.
  35. neighborhood watch
    The Chelsea Hotel Has Not Lost Its EdgeThe naked girl at the Chelsea Hotel, the lost ‘SNL’ sets of the Brooklyn Navy Yards, and a very awkward tale of gentrification from Harlem, in today’s boroughs bundler!
  36. intel
    Is the Brooklyn Flea in Danger?The yuppie flea market, which opened in April, has run into some problems with its Fort Greene neighbors.
  37. cultural capital
    The New Museum, Unleashed Upon the Bowery! The Bowery may be moving toward the mainstream, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fluorescent lights and papier-mâché nudes! Towering amidst restaurant-supply stores and flophouses, the fascinating, hyperbizarre New Museum is the Bowery’s latest step toward its new, haute identity. We were treated to a preview of the sure-to-be landmark, talked to architects Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, and checked out the locals’ reaction to their strange new neighbor. For your viewing pleasure, a sneak peek inside the new New Museum, opening Saturday. Click the image above to watch. Related: Party Lines: Calvin Klein’s First Look of the New Museum Art Review: Little House on the Bowery [NYM] Architecture Review: The Gray Ghost of the Bowery [NYM]
  38. in other news
    Exploring Colonial Williamsburg Sure, Williamsburg is an easy target, but what does that make journalists who earnestly attempt to enlighten you about Williamsburg’s blue-collar underbelly? Would you believe that, behind the glitz and the glamour and the skulls and the antlers, there are “the modest houses of Polish blue-collar workers”? If not — in other words, if you’re either contemplating a move to NYC from afar or have the memory span of a goldfish — head right over to AM New York, which is dispensing some hard-earned sociological wisdom. (Also, Houston is pronounced “Howston,” even streets go east, etc.) After the lede that mentions haircuts twice in one sentence, the Michael Y. Park piece drops the bomb with the panache of, say, Pravda writing about Harlem circa 1979 : “Wander away from the center of the hipster universe … and another Williamsburg is revealed.” Poor people! Puerto Ricans! Jews! (And not the media-owning ones — the other kind, with the hats!) A couple of rent-hike and tenant-eviction scenarios round out the article, leading the author to conclude that the neighborhood’s diverse social fabric may, in fact, be in danger.
  39. cultural capital
    Although We See More Potential for Murder and Mayhem at Atlantic YardsAward-winning mystery writer S.J. Rozan’s latest book, In This Rain, is about — isn’t everything these days about? — New York’s redevelopment. A standing-room-only crowd turned out last night at Partners & Crime, in Greenwich Village, for a launch reading of the book, set squarely at the intersection of developers, activists, and City Hall in the gentrification of Harlem. (A large portion of Rozan’s research, she said, apparently involved consuming sticky goods at Wimp’s Bakery on 125th Street.) So who gets a cameo in this whodunit? “There’s a character who’s Bloomberg, and people keep telling me they see him in the book,” commented Rozan. “But they also keep seeing Rangel. Poor Rangel! I didn’t mean to have him in there.” No word yet on whether Harlem’s most presidential neighbor gets a role — or whether people think they see him there. — Lizzie Skurnick S.J. Rozan [Official site]
  40. neighborhood watch
    How Much Is That Cat in the Window?Brooklyn: Area man throws cat out window, gets arrested. Honestly, who throws a cat? [NYS] Chelsea: After renting an unheated, bathroom-less space in an attempt ride to Larry Gagosian’s coattails across the street, artist Hubert Waldroup closes up shop without selling a painting. [Chelsea Now] Greenpoint: Ladies and gentlemen, Greenpoint is gentrifying. (Is this news?) [amNY] Lower East Side: There’s no eruv — a boundary within which certain things usually forbidden to orthodox Jews on Shabbat are allowed — on the Lower East Side. Should there be one? Maybe. [Downtown Express] Midwood: One public high school produced three U.S. senators. Huh. [Brooklyn Record] Park Slope: New kiddie boutique makes it that much easier to scar kids for life dressing them in psychedelic, cuddly, fluffy getups. [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn] Upper West Side: It’s not quite Stuy Town, but it’s still a big deal: The Apthorp has sold for $425 million. Strangely, the new owners plan to keep it rental. [NYT]