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  1. the follow-up
    We Glide Swiftly OnOf all things to snipe about (namely a pro-war Republican’s military creds), it was interesting to find so many Daily Kos posts dedicated to how an antiwar vet group was identified in passing. To clarify: In no way did I mean to imply that Vote Vets were actually part of the Swifties, or associated with the Swifties or all the smeary baggage that has defined the Swifties; I only meant to imply that Vote Vets was run by Dem-affiliated operatives that, similar to the more popularly known Swifties, used hard-hitting attack ads as a means to an end. I only wish I had as many words and as much space to define Vote Vets as I did in a previous story after the November elections in which the director, Jon Soltz, refers to himself as “the Swift Boat Captain of ‘06.” —Geoffrey Gray Update: After this item posted, Vote Vets said it did not describe itself as an “antiwar” organization but rather “pro-military, pro-war, and pro-war on terror,” and “anti-escalation and antiwar against Iran.” Swift-Boat Revenge [NYM] Earlier: Don’t Mention the Swift Boats!
  2. the in-box
    Don’t Mention the Swift Boats!In the magazine this week, Geoffrey Gray wrote about the political implications of Rudy Giuliani’s lack of military service. In the piece, he described VoteVets.org as a “left-leaning version of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.” Those eight words were posted on Daily Kos and generated lots of letters. There are too many to print here, but after the jump, a sampling of spleen. (Gray’s response will be posted shortly.)