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George P. Bush

  1. early and often
    The Bush Political Dynasty Ends With a WhimperThe once-dazzling George P. Bush lost badly to Trump-backed Attorney General Ken Paxton, whom he called a “philandering felon.”
  2. 2022 midterms
    Bush and Cuellar Survive in Texas, for NowTwo key primaries will have runoffs, with George P. Bush taking on Ken Paxton for AG and Representative Henry Cuellar facing Jessica Cisneros.
  3. politics
    Will the Bush Dynasty End Tonight?George P. got into the race against the Texas attorney general with everything going for him — except Trump’s endorsement.
  4. 2022 midterms
    Louie Gohmert Joins Wild Texas Attorney General RaceThe MAGA representative will challenge Trump-endorsed Ken Paxton and George P. Bush in a race that shows the importance of state offices.
  5. politics
    George P. Is Trump’s Favorite Bush, but Not His Favorite Texas AG CandidateGeorge P. brags that he’s the only Bush the 45th president enjoys. Trump still backed his rival, MAGA loyalist Ken Paxton, in the Texas AG race.
  6. early and often
    George P. May Be the Only Bush Voting for the Guy Who Humiliated His DadHe speculated that the two former presidents could “potentially” vote for Hillary.
  7. Jeb Bush’s Son Endorses Dad’s Tormentor for PresidentHe said it’s time for Republicans to fall in line behind the guy who coined “low energy” Jeb.
  8. political dynasties
    George P. Bush Announces He’s Running for Office, Gets Overshadowed by Beyoncé“Halo” has never been less inspiring.
  9. George P. Bush Hasn’t Decided What He’s Running for, But Please Send MoneyHe may or may not be running for Texas land commissioner.