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  1. politics
    President Biden Delivers State Of The Union Address
    The Republican Party Is Too Embarrassing for George SantosThe disgraced ex-congressman announced on Friday that he’ll be running as an independent this time around.
  2. the talented mr. santos
    House And Senate Convene For The 118th Congress On Capitol Hill
    Here’s Every Single Lie Told by George SantosA guide to the many exaggerations and falsehoods from the former New York congressman, whose seat will now be occupied by Democrat Tom Suozzi.
  3. early and often
    George Santos
    George Santos Went to the State of the Union and Is Running for Congress AgainThe indicted serial liar says he’s running against Nick LaLota, a fellow Republican who helped push him out of the House.
  4. the talented mr. santos
    A Guide to George Santos’s Pivot From Politics to CelebrityHe’s raking it in on Cameo, ridiculing his former co-workers — and working on a plea deal.
  5. year in review
    The Wackiest Political Stories of 2023From Lauren Boebert’s steamy Beetlejuice date to Ron DeSantis’s pudding fingers, U.S. politics had another bizarre trip around the sun.
  6. early and often
    Who Was 2023’s Biggest Loser in Politics?There were several politicians who had a terrible, no-good year. But nobody’s 2023 was as brutal as a certain soon-to-be ex-congressman’s.
  7. stop the presses
    George Santos Knows He Deserves to Be a Star“There’s a short-term leaning into the mockery thing which seems to be working for him,” says Anthony Weiner.
  8. early and often
    New York Redistricting Could Make or Break Democrats in 2024Likely control of the U.S. House has been teetering between the two parties for months. Now New York’s next move may decide it.
  9. stop the presses
    Trump Reassures His Loyalists That He’ll Do Better Next TimeAt the New York Young Republican Club gala, there was rapture about the coming restoration — and how terrified that makes the “libs.”
  10. early and often
    The Monumental Special Election to Fill the George Santos SeatHe might be out of Congress, but the high drama over his successor is only beginning.
  11. the city politic
    What Made the George Santos Scandal DifferentNew York has seen lots of politicians go down in flames. Why does this one stand out?
  12. liveblog
    George Santos Has Been Expelled From Congress: Live UpdatesThey already changed the locks on his office.
  13. gone but not forgotten
    The 9 Craziest Moments From George Santos’s Time in CongressSantos wasn’t in the House for long, but he managed to do some weird stuff while he was there.
  14. politics
    What Happens Now That George Santos Has Been Expelled?Following Friday’s successful vote to expel George Santos, a special election will have to held to fill his now vacant seat.
  15. early and often
    George Santos Will Never, Ever, Give Up His ActHe got this far by not backing down. Why would he now?
  16. early and often
    George Santos Is Going Out in the Most George Santos Way PossibleIn what one member of Congress likened to a “public crucifixion,” he got to play martyr.
  17. politics
    Santos on Expulsion: I’m Not Quitting; You’ll Have to Fire MeIn a press conference, the fabulist representative called the congressional push to oust him “bullying.”
  18. early and often
    The Call Center Where George Santos Learned to ConIt didn’t make sense for a rich Brazilian to be a telemarketer—until his colleagues heard him.
  19. the talented mr. santos
    The End Looks Near for George SantosThe indicted representative will face another expulsion vote, and dozens of Republicans who supported him last time are switching sides.
  20. politics
    Santos Drops Re-Election Bid Immediately After Brutal Ethics ReportInvestigators found that the fabulist Congressman broke the law and “warrants public condemnation.” Expulsion may be around the corner.
  21. santos party house
    George Santos Can’t Stop Holding Babies at WorkRepublicans in the House today had it all: Fights, more fights, and an indicted congressman mysteriously holding a baby on the House floor.
  22. early and often
    The Blood Feud Between New York Republicans and George SantosHis own neighbors are leading the charge to expel him from Congress.
  23. politics
    George Santos Has a Trial DateThe fabulist representative pleaded not guilty to new federal charges on Friday.
  24. the talented mr. santos
    Did Chinese Communists Kidnap George Santos’s 5-Year-Old Niece? Probably Not!Hide your kids, hide your wife, ’cause the Long Island congressman is (allegedly) lying about everybody out here.
  25. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos Has Meltdown While Holding Mystery BabyPlease don’t explain what’s going on here. I don’t want to know.
  26. the talented mr. santos
    ‘It Wasn’t Me’: George Santos Denies New Identity-Theft ChargesThe New York representative was hit with ten new federal charges but insists on his innocence and will fight efforts to expel him from Congress.
  27. early and often
    Tom Suozzi Is Running to Retake His Old Seat From George SantosThe former three-term Long Island congressman is jumping into the 2024 race to unseat the indicted incumbent. The Democrat defeated Santos in 2020.
  28. politics
    The Feds Got George Santos’s AccountantNancy Marks, who worked on both of George Santos’s House campaigns, pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge Thursday afternoon.
  29. politics
    It Sure Looks Like George Santos Is Cooperating With the FedsCongressman George Santos, a known fabulist, denies that he is discussing a potential plea deal with federal prosecutors despite speculation.
  30. politics
    George Santos Fundraiser Is Charged With Impersonating a McCarthy AideSamuel Miele is facing charges of wire fraud and identity theft.
  31. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos Tries to Compare Himself to Rosa ParksThe politician accused of habitual fraud is really stretching it in his attempt to rebrand as a civil-rights figure.
  32. the talented mr. santos
    Even Kevin McCarthy Thinks George Santos Shouldn’t Run AgainIn an interview, the House Speaker suggested that the GOP will back someone else next year.
  33. the talented mr. santos
    Court Reveals Who Bailed Out George SantosThe fabulist congressman’s father and aunt came to his rescue.
  34. early and often
    House Republicans Move to Avoid Santos Expulsion VoteThe House voted to have the Ethics Committee consider a measure to expel George Santos — so he won’t be getting kicked out anytime soon.
  35. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos Confesses to Theft to Settle Charges in BrazilA day after he was indicted on federal charges in the U.S., Santos struck a deal with authorities in Brazil to avoid prosecution over stolen checks.
  36. early and often
    Why Kevin McCarthy Won’t Drop the Hammer on George SantosThe Speaker needs Santos’s vote to hang on to his gavel. But letting the fabulist become the face of New York Republicans is perilous, too.
  37. the talented mr. santos
    Santos Not Sure He’ll Win Reelection After Charges: Live UpdatesFeds say he defrauded contributors to pay for designer clothes and much, much more.
  38. early and often
    How Democrats Are Thinking About the Santos SeatNo matter who the Republican is next year, it’s a must-win race for both parties.
  39. the talented mr. santos
    Santos Allegedly Used Fraud to Pay for Designer ClothesThe congressman is charged with, among other things, lying to campaign contributors to fund his expensive tastes.
  40. early and often
    George Santos Thinks He Can Win?He’s running for reelection despite being incredibly unpopular and under a variety of investigations.
  41. politics
    George Santos Wants to Do This AgainThe biggest liar in Congress has filed paperwork for reelection.
  42. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos’s Nasty Twitter Battle With Fellow New York RepublicansAnthony D’Esposito has a bill to keep Santos, a fellow Republican, from profiting off his lies. It sparked a war of words that quickly got personal.
  43. stop the presses
    George Santos, MAGA ‘It’ GirlVish Burra, the congressman’s “director of operations,” met me on Staten Island to explain the plan to make Santos … president?
  44. the talented mr. santos
    A Huge Majority of Voters in George Santos’s Own District Think He Should ResignIn a poll, 78 percent of voters from the Third Congressional District say they’ve seen enough of their representative.
  45. politics
    George Santos Wants to Make the AR-15 America’s ‘National Gun’The congressman took a break from giving interviews about his many lies to co-sponsor a bill that would honor the weapon used in many mass shootings.
  46. coming clean
    George Santos: I ‘Didn’t Think’ I’d Get CaughtThe congressman gives essentially the only explanation for lying about his entire life.
  47. the talented mr. santos
    Sinema Says George Santos Lied About Her Comforting Him After Romney SpatThe congressman said Kyrsten Sinema consoled him following Mitt Romney’s failed attempt to shame him. Her spokesperson says that’s “a lie.”
  48. the never-ending grift
    Did George Santos Rip Off Amish Dog Breeders With Bad Checks?The congressional scammer caught a charge in 2017 for allegedly writing bogus checks to dog breeders in Pennsylvania Amish country.
  49. horrible bosses
    Working for George Santos Is As Crazy As It SoundsA former aide recorded his conversation with the congressman as he was getting fired. Santos wasn’t all that nice about it.
  50. the talented mr. santos
    George Santos Commemorates Holocaust After Lying About ItThe U.S. representative, who doesn’t actually have Jewish heritage but may have made antisemitic remarks, gave a speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
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