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George Tiller

  1. abortion
    The Abortion Wars, 10 Years After George Tiller’s AssassinationAfter demonizing late-term providers for years, the anti-abortion movement now attacks all legalized abortion, as pro-choice advocates grow bolder.
  2. abortion
    Group Behind ‘Wanted’ Posters for Abortion Doctors Is on Trial Under New Picketing Law“Wanted by Jesus to stop killing babies.”
  3. justice
    Scott Roeder Gets Life Sentence for Murder of Abortion DoctorThe anti-abortion activist shot George Tiller at a church after months of stalking him.
  4. what other people think
    Holocaust Museum Shooting Rekindles Old DebateShould conservatives apologize to Homeland Security? Or are liberals exploiting a tragedy for political purposes?
  5. in other news
    Salon Writer: Bill O’Reilly’s Crusade Against George Tiller ‘Sensationally Irresponsible’By bringing national attention to the work of the murdered abortion doctor, was the Fox News host doing more harm than good? That’s what Gabriel Winant argues.