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George Washington Bridge

  1. GW Bridge Shut Down for Second Time in a Week — This Time by Shirtless ManHe climbed one of the span’s towers. Cops talked him down.
  2. mysteries
    Someone Left Burning Lamborghini at Foot of GWB Wonder why. 
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    GWB Suicide Couple Murdered RelativeThe sad story gets more complicated.
  4. very sad things
    Couple Dies After Jump From George Washington BridgeIt seems to have been a joint suicide.
  5. jesus christie
    Kornacki: GWB Lane Closure More Than Traffic JamThe MSNBC host thinks Chris Christie’s aides may have been trying to permanently damage Mayor Mark Sokolich’s legacy project.
  6. oh new jersey
    Christie Tries to Get Away From Bridge ScandalAnother one of his Port Authority appointees resigned on Friday.
  7. bridges and tunnels
    GW Bridge Will Become Traffic Monster at Night“The goal is to keep the delays to no more than 60 minutes.”
  8. drugs
    Pot-Smoking Security Guard Blames Skunk for SmellNever works.
  9. sad things
    Queens Student Dies in Freak Party Bus AccidentHe stuck his head out of a skylight as the bus went under an overpass.
  10. highway robbery
    Cops Fight Carpooling on George Washington BridgePolice discourage commuters from making new (money-saving) friends.
  11. sad things
    Woman Jumps to Her Death Off George Washington BridgeHer body was found a mile downstream.
  12. tolls
    Higher Tolls Inspire Craftier CheatersMore drivers are trying to cheat the tolls at the city’s bridges and tunnels, and their tactics are getting creative.
  13. intel
    Um, How Old Are Our Bridges? The Interstate 35W bridge in downtown Minneapolis, which collapsed into the Mississippi River at about 6 p.m. last night, turned 40 years old this year, as all the coverage reminds us. How old are New York’s bridges? The Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest, of course; it opened on May 24, 1883, making it 124 years old. The 59th Street and Manhattan bridges come next, both opening in 1909. The 59th Street is 98 years old, and the Manhattan, which opened on the last day of the year, is still a sprightly 97. The George Washington opened in October 1931; it’s 75 years old for a few more months. (But the lower span, sometimes called Martha — ‘cause it’s under George! Ha! — merely turns 45 this month.)