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Georgia Special Election

  1. Nancy Pelosi Didn’t Cost Jon Ossoff the ElectionThe Democrats aren’t going to take back the House by winning voters who recoil at the thought of a liberal woman from San Francisco holding power.
  2. Trump Team Says Narrow Special-Election Wins Vindicate ‘MAGA Mandate’Republicans will likely be emboldened by the results, though they only held the traditionally red districts by single digits.
  3. Karen Handel Gets Last-Minute Endorsement From Weather GodsOn the day of Georgia’s special election, rain is flooding Democratic sections of the district — while leaving GOP areas relatively unscathed.
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    Reporters Say Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel Banned Them From Campaign EventsOn the eve of Georgia’s special election, two journalists claim the campaigns denied them access, hours after they published unflattering stories.
  5. Heading Into Stretch in Georgia Special Election, Money No Problem for OssoffNor is it for his Republican rival in what is already the most expensive House race in U.S. history.
  6. Republicans Must Think Georgians Really Hate San FranciscoAn effort by the GOP to tie Jon Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi may be too clever by half in evoking the City by the Bay.
  7. Trump Warns Georgians That Ossoff Will Take ‘Your Money and Your Safety’The president’s last-minute robocall aims to turn out Republicans for Tuesday’s special election. But it may have backfired.