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    Report: Germanwings Co-pilot May Have Practiced Fatal Descent on Another FlightA new report from French authorities provides more details about the crash.
  2. Before Last Flight, Germanwings Pilot Researched Cockpit Doors on His iPad“During this time the user was searching for medical treatments, as well as informing himself about ways and possibilities of killing himself.”
  3. germanwings
    Germanwings Pilot Told Lufthansa of His Depression in 2009Lufthansa was told about Andreas Lubitz.
  4. plane crashes
    Germanwings Co-Pilot Told Ex ‘Everybody Will Know My Name’ [Updated]He was reportedly worried that his health issues would cost him his job.
  5. Co-Pilot Had Medical Leave on Day of Crash The latest news about the Germanwings crash.
  6. mysteries
    Germanwings Co-Pilot May Have Intentionally Crashed the Plane [Updated]One pilot was reportedly banging on the door as the plane went down, but there was no answer.