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  1. jason not in the house
    Chaffetz Takes Weeks-Long Leave From Congress Owing to Foot SurgeryHe says it has nothing to do with his recently announced plan to leave before the end of his term.
  2. get well soon
    Former President George H.W. Bush HospitalizedHe’s said to be “doing really well” and is expected to go home in a few days.
  3. get well soon
    President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized After FallHe broke a bone in his neck, but the situation is “not life threatening.”
  4. get well soon
    Beau Biden Hospitalized at Walter ReedThe vice-president’s office has not released information about his condition.
  5. get well soon
    Jimmy Carter Falls Ill in Guyana, Returns to U.S. Monday’s election in Guyana will be the 100th observed by his foundation.
  6. media
    New York Times Editor Dean Baquet Treated for Cancerous TumorThe new boss will miss about a week, but his prognosis is good.
  7. get well soon
    Tom Brokaw Has CancerHe’s optimistic.
  8. rehab
    Dennis Rodman Is Going to RehabThat North Korea trip was not good for him.
  9. get well soon
    New Year’s Day Was a Pain in the Neck for Robert GatesAs will be this upcoming book tour.
  10. get well soon
    Get Well Soon, David DinkinsFormer mayor hospitalized with pneumonia.
  11. get well soon
    Beau Biden Hospitalized, Undergoes TestsHis father is by his side.
  12. all better
    Teresa Heinz Kerry Is Out of the HospitalThree weeks after suffering a seizure.
  13. get well soon
    Teresa Heinz Kerry Improves, Cause of Illness Still UnknownShe’s moving to a rehabilitation hospital.
  14. get well soon
    Teresa Heinz Kerry in Critical ConditionAfter being rushed to the hospital on Nantucket.
  15. get well soon
    Nelson Mandela Is Back in the HospitalAnother health scare for the former South African president.
  16. the supremes
    Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s Bad Luck Returns He fell off his bike again.
  17. get well soon
    Nelson Mandela Is Out of the Hospital After the latest in a string of health scares.
  18. get well soon
    Ed Koch Moved to Intensive Care, But He’s Still AliveIt’s too early to start writing obituaries, CNN.
  19. ed koch
    Ed Koch Didn’t Get Much Time Out of the HospitalHe was readmitted two days after his release.
  20. get well soon
    Ed Koch Is Also in the HospitalIn New York though.
  21. get well soon
    Don’t Expect to See Barbara Walters During Inauguration Coverage TomorrowShe’s in the hospital after falling at the British ambassador’s home.
  22. get well soon
    Hillary Clinton Plans to Go Back to Work MondayShe’s already goading her doubters.
  23. get well soon
    Hillary Clinton Itching to Get Back to WorkShe’ll be back in the office next week, but is working from home for now.
  24. get well soon
    Hillary Clinton Recovering From Blood ClotLibya conspiracy theorists are now quiet.
  25. get well soon
    Hillary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood ClotStemming from that “fake” concussion.
  26. get well soon
    George H.W. Bush Is Sick, Not Dying “Please put the harps back in the closet.”
  27. get well soon
    George H.W. Bush Bantering With Nurses, Missing Dim Sum in Intensive CareThe former president spent a frustrating Christmas in the hospital.
  28. get well soon
    Hillary Clinton Fainted It seems like she’s okay. 
  29. get well soon
    Ed Koch Is Back in the HospitalThis time with a respiratory infection.
  30. get well soon
    Ed Koch Hospitalized With AnemiaHe’s been “extraordinarily weak.”
  31. get well soon
    Arlen Specter Hospitalized With ‘Serious’ Illness [Updated]Specter was treated for Hodgkin’s disease in 2005 and 2008.
  32. get well soon
    Brooklyn D.J. Jonathan Toubin Badly Hurt in Bizarre Portland Car AccidentHe was in bed, in his hotel room.
  33. get well soon
    Andrea Mitchell Has Breast CancerShe says doctors caught it early.
  34. get well soon
    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taken to HospitalThe justice felt faint after iron treatment.