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  1. nedm
    Influential Early Website YTMND Shuts DownThe site, hosting elaborate GIFs and audio remixes, fell into disrepair years ago and is finally dead.
  2. tech boot camp
    Did You Know Your iPhone Now Comes With a GIF App?Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 12, comes with an app called Shortcuts, which makes it very easy to make GIFs on your phone.
  3. select all
    Snapchat, Like Instagram, Adds GIF StickersPeople hate the new Snapchat, but this feature seems fun.
  4. select all
    Did CNN ‘Blackmail’ a Redditor Over His Trump Wrestling GIF?There isn’t really a middle ground between sober and objective news organization and righteous internet vigilante gang.
  5. select all
    If You and Paul Ryan Were Friends, He’d Text You These GIFsRyan said he found out GIFs were a thing “three weeks ago.”
  6. select all
    Facebook Will Test GIF Search Next WeekIt’s only a test though.
  7. select all
    Is This GIF Robot Awesome or Terrifying?The way its little mechanical neck moves is something else.
  8. select all
    The True Story Behind the Dumpster Fire GIF that Perfectly Sums Up This ElectionThe actual fire took place behind a fairly famous spot in Hollywood back in 2012.
  9. select all
    Clinton Proposes Tech Strategies: ‘Unplug the Internet or Just Look at Cat GIFs’She also pronounced “GIF” with a hard “g.”
  10. select all
    Did Twitter Kick This Guy Off Because He Tweeted an Aly Raisman GIF?Maybe it’s time to delete your tweets?
  11. select all
    Tinder: If You Want More Matches, Use GIFsAn easy way to statistically up your game.
  12. Fruits of the Web Breathes New Life Into Reaction GIFsGIFs of TV are over.
  13. america’s sweetheart
    Freedomtastic GIFs of Sarah Palin’s New $99.95-a-Year Internet Video ChannelSubscribe now! (Or just check out these GIFs and get the idea.)
  14. the sports section
    March Madness GIF-cap: Highs and Lows From Sunday’s GamesIncluding Baylor demolishing Creighton.
  15. the internet
    White House Appeals to Youth With Cat-and-Twerking GIF BracketThe Obamacare push continues.
  16. de mayor
    Watch Bill de Blasio and Steve Buscemi Goof Around in TracksuitsThe new mayor’s first comedy show is coming up.
  17. talking about the weather
    Snowplow Nails Local Reporter With Dirty Wave, TwiceThe hazards of the job.
  18. neighborhood news
    New York City Gentrification in 5 GIFsSee how notable city corners have changed via Google Street View art.
  19. transportation
    13 NYC Cycling Tips and Citi Bike Tricks, in GIFsFrom illustrator Nathan Pyle.
  20. stand clear of the closing doors
    10 NYC Subway Tricks and Neighborhood Tips, in GIFsBy illustrator Nathan Pyle.
  21. oops
    This Is What’s Happening to Your FedEx Packages, in GIF FormFragile? Who cares!
  22. the sports section
    Who Blocked It Better?: LeBron vs. HibbertLeBron had one of them last night. 
  23. on language
    Creator of GIF Still Adamant About That Soft G“It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.”
  24. early and awkward
    A GIF of President Obama Riding a Stationary BikeAlso, a metaphor?
  25. joetorious
    Joe Biden Flew All the Way to the Vatican for ThisThe handshake in GIF form.
  26. 2012
    Eric Cantor’s Vigorous Reactions During the State of the Union AddressA face for every occasion.