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    Gilberto Valle, the So-Called ‘Cannibal Cop,’ Sentenced to Time ServedFor illegally accessing an NYPD database.
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    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Out of Jail, Looking Forward to a Home-Cooked MealGilberto Valle will be at his mom’s house for dinner tonight.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Judge Overturns ‘Cannibal Cop’ ConvictionSaying there’s no proof that his online chats went beyond “fantasy role-play.”
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Can Really CookThe former NYPD officer who fantasized about eating women is now a prison chef.
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    Gilberto Valle’s Request for a Second Trial Sounds FamiliarSays he’s been convicted for his fantasies.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Cannibal Cop Prosecutor Brought Up HijackingExpect to hear more about it in his appeal.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Gilberto Valle Found Guilty of Plotting to Eat WomenThe former NYPD officer was convicted on both counts.
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    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Jurors Now Know All About Fetish FacebookThe creator of Darkfetishnet.com shared his work.
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    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Jurors Only Subjected to Some Torture PornA judge ruled some more hard-core stuff off-limits.
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    Cannibal Cop Seemed Like a Regular Cop at WorkHe ate pizza and sandwiches for lunch.
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    Alleged Cannibal Cop Chat Buddies Arrested for Child PornIt could complicate the trial.
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    Cannibal Cop Lawyer Suggests Feds Misinterpreted Gruesome ChatsValle said it’s just “fun to chat and push the envelope.”
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    Friend of Cannibal Cop Thought Wife’s Warning Was a JokeSo she forwarded the message to him.
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    Cannibal Cop’s Favorite Fantasy Dish Revealed at TrialIt involves apples.
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    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Doesn’t Think Wife Should Discuss Alleged Plans to Eat HerAnd her friends.
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    Potential ‘Cannibal Cop’ Jurors Don’t Need an Opinion on Fetish PornThey just have to stomach it.
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    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Chat Logs: Vegetarian Women ‘Taste Like Tasty Goat’This stuff is still coming.
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    ‘Cannibal Cop’ Credits Bondage Fetish to Cameron Diaz in The MaskYes, for real.
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    Cannibal Cop’s Online Friend Shares His Cooking TipsHe’s a fan of “roasting whole pelvises.”
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    Expert on People Who Eat People Says Alleged Cannibal Cop Is No Jeffrey Dahmer A psychiatrist will testify on his behalf.
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    Cannibal Cop Will Not Be Enjoying Any ‘Girl Meat’ This ThanksgivingThird bail attempt was not the charm.
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    Cannibal Cop Pleads Not GuiltyPlus, he’d like to be released on bail.
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    Cannibal Cop’s Female Acquaintances Are Justifiably Freaked Out“I don’t want to be on his list!” 
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    Tomorrow’s Post Cannibal Cop Headline … Today! [Updated]How many Post-y puns can we come up with?
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    NYPD Officer Charged With Trying to Kidnap and Cook 100 Women [Updated]Yes, cook.