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  1. ink-stained wretches
    Jill Abramson Breaks Silence (on Girls)The fired executive editor is finally giving interviews.
  2. neighborhood news
    Girls Pretending South Brooklyn Is IowaHannah’s new neighborhood is actually Ditmas Park.
  3. neighborhood news
    Girls Gets a Hip, East Village MuralThe HBO show gets a neighborhood-targeted ad that won’t last.
  4. craigslist of the day
    Girls Now Being Used to Hawk a $1,500 Room in WilliamsburgOn Craigslist.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    Hugo Lindgren Doesn’t Watch GirlsThe ‘Times Magazine’ editor admitted as much on Reddit today.
  6. neighborhood news
    Where Exactly in New York Do the Characters in Lena Dunham’s Girls Live?The block-level breakdown.
  7. catfights
    Senator Carl Levin: Pissed About Being Upstaged by Goldman CEO?“I think it disturbed him that Blankfein was getting so much attention.”
  8. the greatest depression
    Nation’s Girlfriends Unveil New Economic Plan“Let’s move in together!”
  9. cultural capital
    ‘Times’ Gets Kinda Pervy in Miley Cyrus ArticleAlso, New York schoolgirls reveal whether they’re standing by Hannah Montana or dropping her like a too-difficult calculus class.
  10. early and often
    Clinton Wants, Gets It AllOkay, okay, okay. So Hillary Clinton staged a comeback by opening up a can of whoop-ass at last night’s Democratic presidential debate. She is “a champ,” she “scored a win,” and she “hit the jackpot” (the debate was in Vegas, see?). But after the last debate, a lot of the next-morning press coverage missed out on important events from the end of the debate because of reporting deadlines. So we went through the last few minutes of the New York Times genius transcript feature to see if our colleagues in print missed anything. Which, to our minds, they did. Right at the close came a question from Maria, a UNLV student: Maria: [To Clinton] Do you prefer diamonds or pearls? Clinton: Now I know I’m sometimes accused of not being able to make a choice. I want both. Moderator: Now do I get to ask any of the other candidates or, I suppose, just Senator Clinton? Maria: It’s the only shiny thing up there. There ended the debate. If that isn’t a metaphor, we don’t know what the hell is. Clinton’s in Thick of Barbed Democratic Debate [NYT]
  11. party lines
    College Humor Kids Party Like College Kids (But With Publicists and Money)Between the beer pong, the constant encouragement to chug our drinks, and the delivery pizza, last night’s College Humor party celebrating the Website’s recently selected “America’s Hottest College Girl” felt almost like a real college party — if your college parties were held on gorgeous midtown rooftops, organized by the high-powered publicists at Sunshine Sachs, and paid for by Barry Diller. As the sun set, College Humor editor Ricky Van Veen was working the crowd in a set of scrubs (no, we don’t know why) and The Office star B.J. Novak admitted that the girls at his alma mater, Harvard, weren’t quite as “wonderful” as the guest of honor, the University of Delaware’s very articulate Amber S., who, when asked to make a speech, settled on “I love you all!” followed by some giggles. She’d better love everyone: Winning the contest, in which College Humor users voted on the most-attractive college girl through an NCAA-style bracket competition, brought Amber $10,000, which she says she’ll put toward student loans. Soon enough, the free booze ran out and the party wound down. The true partyers forged on, as those college types do, to greener pastures downtown. —Lillien Nathan
  12. gossipmonger
    Rodentia? We Hardly Even Know Ya!Sources claim Judith Regan often compared Jews to “rats” and “rodentia,” but Regan (and her lawyer) deny it. Anybody who is anybody (Harold Ford! Harvey Weinstein! Taki Theodoracopolous!) has been spotted eating at Graydon Carter’s friendly neighborhood joint, the Waverly Inn. Madonna is keen on adopting another child from Malawi, though her husband, Guy Ritchie, is not. Josh Hartnett is in an open relationship with Scarlett Johannson, which is why it’s okay he was making out with Gisele Saturday night. PayPal dumped Vincent Gallo after he tried to sell more than, uh, T-shirts on his Website. John Mara, son of late, great Giants owner Wellington, got fired from a broadcast-booth job in 1978 for slamming his fist and knocking over equipment. Adam Levine allegedly got drunk and brought three girls back to his room at the Mercer, though his rep denies it. Republican fund-raiser Georgette Mosbacher had both Dems and GOPers over for dinner at her swank Fifth Avenue digs Tuesday. Ludacris ate with Cosmo’s Kate White at Michael’s. Hugh Jackman once gave his sister a stick of deodorant for Christmas. Liz Smith claims she’s responsible for the new Rocky getting made.
  13. in other news
    Condé Nast Attempts to Figure Out Girls Who ReadCondé Nast is working hard to hit the teen-girl sweet spot with focus groups for the mag company’s new venture, flip.com, an online hangout for all kinds of girls. Well, for almost all kinds of girls. Unsurprisingly, Anna Wintour’s incubator got up to speed on the Gossip Girls mind-set pretty swiftly, according to a report in today’s Journal: Like many teenage endeavors, flip is likely to have a hierarchy. The site will have online clubs — including an animal-rights club and a writing club — and some will accept a limited number of members. Users can comment on other girls’ flip books. “The super-alpha girls who want to talk about Miu Miu [designer shoes] can do that,” says Jamie Pallot, the editorial director of CondeNet. “And the nerdy ones can talk about,” he pauses, looking to his colleagues for assistance. “What do the nerdy ones talk about?” Hard to say, Jamie. When you shove them in those lockers, you can really only hear the screams. To Lure Teens to Its Latest Web Site, Conde Nast Turns to the ‘Flip Squad’ [WSJ] Flip.com [Official site]